Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday FAIL

As bloggers, we all get our share of spam comments. Blogger and other blogging platforms are pretty efficient at detecting spam and isolating it in a separate folder instead of allowing it to be published.

Here are some of the doozies that I found in my Spam folder recently. They'll really make you scratch your head.

  • Or you win squirrel away hydraulic technician resume that set-up, you are acquiescent to go. The Missing with louder than your is not an idolized epigram that has a rather esoteric meaning. sales consultant resume cover letter 
The best way to apply for a job

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Sounds like plagiarism to me

  • best people have intercourse twice a week 'Quality victories around a lot number exactly what. is going on the satisfaction.' He began to spellout the fact that the mediocre couple is carrying making love on behalf of 7.3 time when and that it is not always good enough females, whom are apt to much more compared persons to climaxing. he still ends in letting you know which experts claim adult men taking as few as two calling, Or beyond what 40, To male orgasms should evaluate venturing his gynecologists.
An online sex manual

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Keep your credit cards under control

  • You from unmistakable, escape of dissertations including, equalize college, who are experiencing resources with their math homework can relish some. His english and hes a standout kid, not disruptive, but not oddments reading contain a go at steel fixer resume schoolboy, either. 
Go to the head of the class

  • The galvanizing mooring come-on of the flagyl unceasing ingredients is to prompt the bump and reinforce mane follicles and shafts from the restricted, innards them with vitality.
A surefire cure for hair loss

  • Inimitable torment toward the profit of legs trial from veins problems containing troxerutin and extracts of horse chestnut, gingko biloba and battleaxe hazel. Has a kilo not sad preventing action. Eases the nervousness in the legs including black legs syndrome as sufficiently as unpleasant burning.
And one for varicose veins

  • After series of buyer interviews and a corner of scrutinization into the products hoard altercation, we be subjected to possibility gamble upon up with the unexcelled noggin massagers in the industry.
Can I buy one on Amazon?

  • A stressful nicely being fad which sun light swap delicacies, That the women in far east may be a lot more obsessive about losing fat than in other countries is not truly a revelation, due to odd patterns including belly tab crisis and the collarbone that identified an individuals cool ever before. at this time just another development also has captured an super duper. As peculiar as seems, mothers become trying out the sun's rays as a replacement for nourishment. For women who live been spotted staring symmetrical at the sun in the fact that it will replace their fact that food together with increase their eye and doze higher
The latest fad diet

Wasn't that fun?


Roz said...

What the??? I don't think I can decipher any of these lol. Definite fails! Thank you for the giggle Hermione, hope you have a great weekend :)


Anonymous said...

These made me go cross eyed.


Anonymous said...

This is not about spam, I delete quickly. I enjoy when you have topics to discuss and so with my wife standing over me, she wanted me to ask this: I always have an erection prior to a spanking, just happens, male thing. My wife could care less, it is the spanking that she is focused on. I'm given a towel, and I must masturbate, best not miss the towel, she saids it adds to the punishment and smiles when she reminds me how much more the spanking is going to hurt. She wants to know what other males have to say on this subject, and realizes females normally don't visit these sights. I'm squirming while writing this, I was just given a spanking after masturbating, I look forward to facing the wall, sitting is not possible.

Anonymous said...

Your the blog I read first, even talking about SPAM, you have a reason to bring it up.
This male has found a safe, secure place to deal with the desire to be spanked by a woman. In this day and age one must be careful. Thank You so much, I do masturbate looking at your blog, either in bed, sitting on the toilet, and sometimes in the front room. It may be disgusting, but I'm hurting no one, and at times after reading what you have written I sometimes close my eyes and let my mind take me there, stroking my penis, it getting moist, holding back, and one I do cum, oh I feel so good, relief, and fulfilled. Thank You so much.

Aimless Rambling said...

In the beginning I would read, no I just automatically delete. They are definitely fails on so many levels.

Katie said...

LOL Hermione! :) For sure FAILS! I haven't a clue what they are talking about. Loved your comeback lines for each. Clever you! I wouldn't begin to even know which way to go with them. HAHA! Have a great weekend! Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

NoraJean said...

Whoooaa! .... made my head spin ... I loved your interpretations, Hermione :)) ... I wonder if one of those 'unexcelled noggin massagers' might have an alternative use? .... have a great weekend! ... nj

abby said...

I often told my students...the more words you write to prove a point, the less your point will be just proved me right.....hugs abby

Bernie said...

Had to stop reading - my head almost exploded.

Hermione said...

They are pretty bizarre! I usually ignore and delete, but these were just so over the top i had to share.


Windy said...

These are nuts!! LOL Love your comments on each one though! HAHA Let us know how that noggin' massager works out!! :)