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From the Top Shelf - The Prom, part 1

This is the first part of a very creative and titillating story from one of Rollin Hand`s collection of short stories, The Schoolgirl Collection. If schoolgirl spankings aren`t your cup of tea, then please step away; if they are, then enjoy!


Jane Hastings-Tyne was furious. Her boyfriend Nick Logan had actually dumped her for her supposed friend, Lynne Crane. The proof of it was right there in front of her. Not a week after the fateful call (“Jane, I’m sorry, it’s not working for us…”), there he was smooching with Lynne Crane at Tanya Robbins’ party. It was Lynne and her too cute pals Terri and Lisa. They ran in a pack, stealing boyfriends left and right. She’d get them, no matter the cost, she told herself. But how to do it?

Her twin brother supplied part of the answer. A geek techno-whiz and a smooth operator, Reggie had developed a method for producing fake ID’s. Maybe she’d give her friends a little present. I’ll bide my time, she told herself. I’m not causing a scene, no. As someone once said, revenge is a dish best served cold.

* * *

Lynne was so keenly disappointed. How could she tell her boyfriend Nick? She was being grounded. No prom. A senior, eighteen years old and here she was grounded from the biggest event in her life, and all because she and a few of her girlfriends were caught trying to sneak into a nightclub with fake ID’s. She’d been arrested. Damn! How had they known they were fake? Her mom came and got her, mad as hell. She chewed Lynne out up one side and down the other. Then mom had dropped the bomb.

“That’s it. You’re grounded from the prom, Lynne. You are not going. In fact you are not going anywhere between now and graduation.” Lynne’s mom was a more matronly and taller version of herself, a chestnut haired beauty with a thin, very pretty face and a curvy figure.

Lynne had protested, but to no avail. It seemed that since mom and dad had divorced she’d become more strict. Her friends Lisa and Terri were grounded too. There had been four of them in on the caper. But Jane Hastings-Tyne was still going. She’d been in on it. In fact she had supplied the ID’s. But from what Lynne had heard, Jane was still going.

She pulled Jane aside at school to ask her why.

“Because I’ve been punished for that already,” said Jane. They were sitting outside right after lunch. It was a nice day.

“Punished how?” asked Lynne.

Jane blushed. “I say, it’s a trifle embarrassing. But mother and I talked it over and….look, if I tell you, don’t spread it around, ok?” Jane was an English transplant to America. The accent was fascinating to hear.

Lynne was really intrigued now. “I won’t tell. Promise.”

Jane took a breath. “If you must know, mother and my aunt, they…well I got a spanking.” She blurted it in a rush. “And the cane. I got the cane as well, three days later. But it’s done with. I can go to the prom.”

Lynne absorbed this news wild-eyed and with jaw dropping astonishment. “But you’re eighteen like me! A spanking? You mean like a kid?”

“That’s exactly what I mean,” said Jane dryly.

“Wow. Did it hurt? Weren’t you embarrassed?” Lynne fluttered excitedly.

“To both questions, yes. It hurt a little and it was a bit humiliating.” Jane seemed remarkably composed, as if this sort of thing was ordinary. “It was bearable though---really.”

“And…you’re…going…to…the…prom.” Lynne slowly chanted. And that was the bottom line. “Wait, you said you and your mom talked it over.”

“Yes, that’s right,” said Jane, flipping her hair back nonchalantly. “She was going to ground me. I asked her to reconsider. She did.” Lynne sat there thinking. The wheels were turning.

Jane saw her pondering this and added, “I was able to convince her that a brief return to an older mode of discipline would be adequate to correct my girlish indiscretions.” She had this dry understated way of expressing herself. “So she sent me to Aunt Martha.”

“Who is that?” asked Lynne.

“She’s my mother’s big sister. It was Aunt Martha who actually did the honors. She used to be headmistress at an all girls school in England.”

Lynne was amazed. “And they do that over there---or they did?”

“And how,” said Jane. “Yes, she knows how to spank, but she’s a big softie really.”

“A cane? Like you walk with? She hit you with that?” Lynne envisioned Jane being clobbered with a big thick stick.

“No. Very different. It is a very thin, very bendy thing like a switch. It stings a bit, but no lasting harm.”

“E-yow!” Lynne winced trying to imagine.

Still….Lynne had an idea. “Can I tell Lisa and Terri?” They were all good friends, so why not.

“Ok, but that’s as far as it goes,” said Jane. “You have an idea, I can tell.”

“You get to go to the prom, don’t you?” said Lynne.

“Yes, but I did get my ass well and truly smacked,” said Jane.

So Lynne had to think. Could she do it? More importantly should she do it? Then she thought about Nick. He’d be pissed at first when he found out she couldn’t go, then he’d go ask that stuck-up bitch Gloria von Meader or that slut Carly Creamer. That thought was too, too much to bear.

“So what did your mom do?”

Jane sighed. “This is all so…oh, all right. Aunt Martha came over one night after we had come to the agreement. We took supper as usual. It was rather bizarre chatting amiably with my aunt knowing what was to transpire. I cleared the plates. Then I went upstairs and prepared. Father stayed downstairs in his study, but he fully approved, of course. I put on my nightgown and waited for mother and Aunt Martha. She came into the bedroom carrying a large wooden hairbrush. She sat at my vanity while mother stood to the side. I had to lift my nightgown and place myself across her knees. She recounted my fault and asked if I was ready. Then she proceeded to give me a very brisk spanking with the back of that awful brush. It went on for several minutes. I’m afraid I wasn’t very brave. I wiggled a lot and cried out. It burned somewhat, but not bad.”

Lynne stared at her friend transfixed. Jane continued. “So, that was for the fake ID. For the attempt to get into the nightclub with the rest of you, I had to report to Aunt Martha at her flat. This was several days later, and I dreaded it like you can’t know. But the appointed day arrived and I was summoned to her study. She told me to lift my skirt, bend over and touch my toes. She gave me six strokes without even my knickers for protection, and with a whippy school cane.”

“Your what?” Weren’t knickers the funny pants that golfers wore?

“Knickers. Panties, you call them.

Look, what you might do,” said Jane, “is to convince your mothers to send you to Aunt Martha. She’d do it, I know.”

Lynne grimaced. A spanking and then six strokes with a thing like a switch. Ouch! Double ouch. Still she had to try.
Was this all a story and part of Jane`s revenge, or did she really get a spanking and a caning? Stay tuned and find out if Lynne`s mother agrees with the plan.

From Hermione's Heart


Quentin QBuzz said...

Gotta love the English girl getting all her American friends into spanking :D

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

What a wonderful and interesting story. I do wonder if Jane really got spanked or not and agree, gotta love her getting the American girls into spanking. Hmm, I would have thought it would have suited her better if the other girls weren't at the prom?


ronnie said...

Hermione, thanks for sharing this story. Enjoyed the first part.

Personally, I don't think Jane was spanked.


Hermione said...

QBuzz - Isn't that just like the English;D

Roz - I agree with you. That would be punishment enough to not go to the prom.

Ronnie - I am not sure. Perhaps she didn't, but talked with her mother and aunt about going along with the plot.