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From the Top Shelf - The Prom, part 3

After a week of waiting, we resume our tale of three girls awaiting punishment for their misdeeds. (You can refresh your memory by rereading parts 1 and 2 here and here.) You may recall that Jane's brother Reggie intended to film the spankings, and we have an interesting narrative from him running through the story.
“Hi. It’s me, Reggie again. Mother told me to leave the house, said I couldn’t be there that day—told me to go to a movie. Well, screw that. I knew this was it, but I had planned for this. So I parked a couple of blocks away, walked back on a parallel street and came in through our neighbor’s yard into our back yard. I’d left a basement window up, so I just crawled in and waited. I could hear them all arrive. We have a guest room down there and that is where I fired up my laptop. One at a time I logged on to all my remote cameras.

“Did I mention I had sound too? Oh yeah, I could hear everything. The girls and their moms all arrived at the same time. It looked like a bunch of ladies coming to tea with their daughters. They were all dressed in proper dresses. You know, heels and hose, hair done just so, like it was a formal occasion, which, you know, I guess in a way it was.

“Let me tell you about these girls, ‘cause these are some hot babes. Lynne is about 5’ 5” with honey blonde streaked hair and a tanned complexion. She is built like model with really full tits, almost no waist at all and great legs. Her ass is sort of perky and juts out. She wears these little flippy miniskirts a lot and when she walks, and that little butt just twitches from side to side.

Her friend Terri is taller and slender with a small chest and long legs. She has a really sexy heart-shaped ass that looks great in tight jeans. Lisa is petite, but she has everything where it counts. It’s just in a smaller package. She looks fabulous in tight jeans too with that tight little chubby rear of hers. I was ready for the show.

“They all showed up, right on time, and went into the parlor. Aunt Martha was introduced to the girls one at a time. She shook hands with them all and they sat down to tea. Aunt Martha never does anything without having tea first. The girls looked pretty nervous. Who wouldn’t? They kept looking at that big flat-backed hairbrush that Aunt Martha had placed in plain sight on the coffee table. I guess they were trying to imagine how that was going to feel in just a few short minutes.”

“Girls, I do hope there are to be no hard feelings,” said Aunt Martha. “You know what you did was to break the law, and that has consequences.” She studied the girls’ anxious faces. “I am relieved that you did not land in more complicated legal trouble. And, I have to remind you as we go forward this afternoon that you have all requested this as an alternative form of punishment, is that not right?”

The girls softly muttered, “Yes, Ma’am.” They fidgeted nervously. They looked at each other. The moment of truth was quickly approaching.

“Good. Just so there is no misunderstanding. Now,” she said, putting her napkin down, “we will proceed. Jane please put the tea service away.”Jane hastened to do her bidding.

“Let’s move this coffee table back, and, Jane dear, can you fetch me a straight-backed chair from the dining room?”

Jane put the tea service in the kitchen and came back to the parlor carrying a sturdy armless chair.

“Just put it right there in the center of the room, dear. That’s a good girl.”

Aunt Martha picked up the flat-backed and rather large wooden hairbrush that had been lying on the coffee table and sat down, smoothing the folds of her skirt.

“Now, girls. Pay attention. You are being punished and I expect you to take your punishment like proper young ladies. There will be no cursing or swearing. You may cry, it’s perfectly all right. I expect you will. There will be no struggling or attempts to evade the punishment. Keep your hands on the floor or grab the chair rung. One at a time you will step over here to my right. You will raise your dress above your hips and allow me to slide your panties down. Then you will come across my knee. When I am finished I will tell you to rise. You will stand over there facing the wall with your skirts raised. Do you understand?"

The girls murmured in the affirmative.

“What was that?” she said sharply. “You answer yes, Ma’am.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” each said, one at a time.

“That’s better, girls. Now it does not matter to me in what order you go, but arrange yourselves in a line.”

If this wasn’t the most humiliating, most childish thing she’d ever experienced, Lynne didn’t know what was. Lisa lined up first with Lynne, then Terri. Lynne chewed on a knuckle as she stood behind Lisa. Aunt Martha gestured and Lisa stepped up. “All right miss. Let’s have your skirt up, please,” said Aunt Martha. Lynne watched as Lisa’s skirt lifted above her hips. Lisa was clad in brief black panties. She wore a garter belt and stockings. They’d been told—no pantyhose.

The brief panties came down to mid-thigh when Aunt Martha hooked her thumbs in either side and slid them down. Lynne could see that Lisa had a very cheeky little bubble-shaped ass. She laid herself across Aunt Martha’s ample lap. The woman shifted her forward until her bottom was the apex of her jackknifed form. She was a petite girl so her legs were off the floor, fluttering.

Lynne held her breath as Martha Grenly picked up the hairbrush. She tapped Lisa’s pert bottom with it, left side, right side, like she was lining up a shot. She drew her arm to shoulder height and brought the brush down, snapping her wrist at the end of the stroke. There was a dry crack! Lisa yelled “Owww!” and threw her head back. Aunt Martha didn’t pause. She smacked the other cheek a second later. Her arm rose and fell really methodically, smacking one cheek, then the other in a slow even tempo. Lynne watched in horrified fascination.

Lisa’s body flinched as the spanks landed. Her bottom cheeks quivered upon impact and a pink flush began to appear. She remained still for the first few smacks but then her legs began to flutter. And she wasn’t quiet.

Smack! “Owww!” Smack! “Yow!” Splat! “Ahh….oww!” Lisa yipped in pain in an almost continuous stream as one sonorous smack after another blistered her nubile buttocks.

Lynne counted about thirty hard hairbrush spanks before Aunt Martha relented. She gulped. This was a bit more intense than she had expected. What had Jane gotten them into? Lisa was sobbing and gulping as her mother helped her up and led her to the corner.

* * *

It’s me, Reggie again. That was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen! My God! Lisa sure has one cute ass. I’d seen her in tight skirts before but wow! Bare? And boy did she wiggle it as she got it. Martha didn’t half lay on. That hairbrush kept spanking and that little bubble butt of hers just wobbled and quivered---and when she started fluttering her legs? Well, you could see the promised land. Poor thing, though. Must have hurt like anything ‘cause Martha reduced her to tears. Jane said that she had cried when she got it, so no surprise. And she looked just adorable like that standing in the corner with her dress hiked up, cute red bum on display.

Well the one I wanted to see was up next. Lynne. Boy, what a babe. She hiked up her skirt to show off that perfect ass of hers and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. She wore high cut panties that exposed half of her butt anyway and that was framed by a sexy garter belt. I had split screen set up, two points of view. One was pointed right at her ass, the other at her front. And it was all being recorded on the hard drive. Aunt Martha slipped her panties down and her plump round ass popped into view. From the front I saw the curls at the lovely triangle where her thighs came together.

She went over Aunt Martha’s knee and Aunt Martha took up the hairbrush. She patted her bottom once or twice and let fly. Crack! Wow what a zinger! Then Crack! Pop! Splat! Aunt Martha spanked that wobbling butt with really brisk-looking strokes. I mean it looked like the brush practically bounced off of her bottom cheeks. She was yelping to beat the band. With her wiggling around like that I could see everything.

* * *

Crack! Crack! “Oh ow!” yipped Lynne. The awful hairbrush landed first on one side, then the other. It was relentless. The sting just kept mounting and mounting. So this was a spanking! And Aunt Martha a big softie? It stung and burned like nothing she’d ever experienced. It was overwhelming.

Lynne was trying to be brave but after just six or seven cracks from that horrid brush it was getting to be too much. She began to buck up and down, clenching and unclenching her bottom. She fluttered her legs up and down. Nothing worked. A bonfire was being lit on her bottom. Why had she ever agreed to this? It was awful. Tears welled up in her eyes as the fiery burning intensified. It just kept coming, one stinging smack after another. She was about to break down and bawl when it stopped. She was helped to her feet by mom who led her over to the wall, panties still bunched at her knees. Her bottom was on fire. “Ok, Lynne, stand there and hold your skirt up. No rubbing just yet.” Lynne’s behind was hot and throbbing. Then her mom resumed her post.

* * *

Whoa, I’m glad I got all that. What a shellacking! Lynne Crane’s sexy ass was as red as a ripe tomato. The last one was Terri. She was a tall girl, and really pretty. Long brown hair, willowy figure, you know. Her hips were slimmer but like the others she had a cute ass too. And she got it just as good. When those long legs went to work I got an eyeful. Ok, I admit it, I had to pull out little willy and start stroking. No help for it. I had the other two against the wall, red butts glowing and lovely Terri wriggling around while Aunt Martha paddled her bottom to a bright red. Seeing these girls get spankings on their bare bottoms was just about the sexiest show this boy had ever seen. Whew! And it wasn’t over.
Reggie is correct. The cane comes next for all three girls.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Being a male, my wife "Mommy" knows the hairbrush brings the results she wants. I first felt the hairbrush seeing an older woman. My language and attitude she finally had enough. I was over her lap, bare bottom in position and that hairbrush got my attention. I can kick, squirm, plead, does no good, she still stop only when she knows my bottom will be difficult to sit on and that i will think hard before doing it again. When she does stop, stands me up, she holds that hairbrush in front of me and reminds me what will happen. Women and hairbrushes men should watch out. Jack

Quentin QBuzz said...

This is such a hot story. I think it's the descriptions of the girl's bottoms and their reactions to the brush that really do it for me

Roz said...

Thank you for sharing more of this wonderful story Hermione. Hmm, I think the girls may have bitten off more than they can chew, especially with the cane yet to come! I wonder if the prom will be worth it.


ronnie said...


Really enjoying the story. I shall look forward to reading how the girls took the cane. I think Reggie could do with a spanking myself. Thanks for sharing this story.


Hermione said...

Jack - Hairbrushes push my buttons too.

QBuzz - Very hot indeed. Rollin had a wonderful way with words.

Roz - The girls won't be sitting any of the dances out;)

Ronnie - Oh my, you must be psychic!


Pecan nutjob said...

Lovely !

Don't you wonder whether it's better to go first or to go last but witness the other spankings ?