Tuesday, October 30, 2018

From the Top Shelf - The Prom, part 4

Today we conclude Rollin Hand's short story, "the Prom", from The Schoolgirl Collection. Lisa, Lynne and Terri have each received a hairbrush spanking from Aunt Martha and are now about to be caned by her. But it will be worth it so that they can all go to the prom. Remember that Reggie is filming all this; we will be hearing from him from time to  time throughout the story.
Three girls were lined up against the wall, all holding their skirts up. Three sets of bright red bare bottoms were on display. The girls were sniffling, trying to stem the tears that threatened to come.

“Now girls,” said Aunt Martha. “We have to stay there in that position for a little while. I’ve found that it always helps if a girl can have some quiet time and reflect on the reason why her bottom is burning hot, so no rubbing just yet.”

The girls’ mothers began to ask Aunt Martha some questions about the disciplinary spanking they had just witnessed.

“It didn’t look like you had to use much strength to deliver a pretty good spanking, Mrs. Grenly,” said Mary.

“No dear, not really. A short stroke from shoulder height and a little snap of the wrist is all it takes. As you can see, about thirty good stingers like that and the young lady is regretting her earlier naughtiness.” The moms all nodded.

The mothers chatted for a time with Martha Grenly about the efficacy of spanking as a means of correction. “In my opinion,” said Aunt Martha, “young women today could use a trip across mother’s knee from time to time. It is not only a powerful corrective tool but it provides much needed cathartic release. Girls can be so wound up emotionally. Sometimes a good spanking just lets all that emotion come out. A brisk spanking, a good cry and they feel better.” Martha spoke withassurance.

Martha glanced at the girls. “Well, girls, you can lower your skirts—oh and you may rub now.” The three put their hands behind them and amid gasps of “ooh” and “ahhh”, rubbed a bit before pulling panties back up and lowering skirts. “Now girls, I know you feel quite sore, but there is another item of business. Believe it or not the spanking I just gave you was light. And I did that on purpose. The cane actually hurts worse on a posterior that has not been, shall we say, properly warmed.”

Martha stood up and smoothed her skirt. She went in to the study and returned with a thin yellow wand about thirty inches long. “Girls, this is a junior school cane. As you can see,” She bent it in a near circle, “it is very flexible. You have each agreed to accept six strokes with this instrument.”

The girls watched in anxious dread as she released the tip. It quivered back and forth indicating that this was one whippy little stick. “I will take you one at a time into the study. There is a chair in the center of the room. When I tell you, you will raise your skirts, lower your panties to mid thigh, and bend over the back of the chair. You will grasp the front of the chair seat and don’t let you. I will apply six strokes. You will keep wriggling to a minimum and remain still. If you get out of position, the stroke will have to be repeated. Do you understand?” All during this speech Aunt Martha had stood in front of the three girls flexing the cane between her hands. The girls could not keep their eyes off of it.

“So, one at a time, each you will enter the study, accompanied by your mother. Are we ready?” There were murmurs of assent. “Miss Terril, you are first I believe?” Lisa nodded meekly and went into the study.

* * *

Boy oh boy! Lisa was going to go first again. I turned my attention to the study cameras. The only ones in there were Lisa, Lisa’s mom and Aunt Martha.

Lisa stepped over to the chair back. Aunt Martha told her to lift her skirt and bend right across it. All the time she is whooshing the cane through the air, limbering up, I suppose. Lisa got her dress up and then bent over the back of the chair. Aunt Martha told her to slip her panties down. I got to see that perfect little ass again, this time though it was blushing pink.

On the face shot Lisa was gritting her teeth. Martha tapped Lisa’s bottom then took her arm back and whipped that cane down right on the fat part of her bottom. Lisa let out a yelp. Martha told her to keep still. Then she let fly with another one. Lisa’s knees sagged and a red stripe appeared. Aunt Martha let her have four more just like that. She was yeowching and shifting from foot to foot, and her bottom gave a little jiggle each time the cane hit. Whew! What a show!

* * *

Lynne could hear the dry thwack of the cane and Lisa’s anguished yelps coming from inside the study. She was next. She looked over at her mother and mom shook her head sympathetically, but folded her arms, and whispered to her that she was going to go through with it—no begging off.

Lisa emerged from the study, wiping tears out of her eyes.

"Miss Crane, I believe you are next." Aunt Martha was standing there flexing that cane.

With a cold knot in her stomach, Lynne meekly entered the study. She was told to stand at the chair. "Raise your skirts, please, Miss Crane."

Lynne grimaced, but complied. "Now slip your panties down and bend over the back of the chair. That's it," she said as Lynne slipped her panties down, baring her bottom once again.

"Grip the chair seat and do not let go." Lynne felt the cold wood tapping her bottom. She clenched up. "It's better, child if you relax and don't clench."

"Yes, ma'am," Lynne muttered and tried to relax. She heard a whine and next felt a hot line of fire explode across her buttocks. "Ahh...ah..." she squeaked and stood halfway up. Good grief, that had hurt! Jane had said it wasn't too bad.

"Back down, Miss Crane. Do that again and the stroke won't count."

Lynne bent back over, trembling. She heard that thin whine again then crack! Another searing stripe fell. Oh, this was awful. Worse than she’d ever imagined. She was going to break down and bawl.

Swish....thwack! A third stroke scored her buttocks. "Owww...oh....oh!" yelped Lynne. How does anybody stand this?

The fourth stroke made her yelp in pain —the worst yet. Her eyes started to tear up. She was going to cry.

Stroke number five was even worse. It hit right in the fold above her thighs. She screeched, “Yoww—oh, yow. Please!” She half rose, fluttering her hands, her face a mask of anguish. “In position, Miss Crane. Buck up,” said Aunt Martha.

Lynne shifted from foot to foot, barely hanging on. "One more Miss Crane," announced Aunt Martha.

Swishh.....thwack! It was a sizzler. Lynne threw her head back, let out a wail and cried like a baby.

* * *

Did you see that? My God, that wasn't half a flogging Martha laid on Lynne Crane's sexy butt. Those luscious cheeks just quivered and flexed with every stroke and that little dance of hers between strokes just made it even sexier. She's got six distinct lines across that pert ass of hers now and I'll bet she feels every one of them for a few days.

Now she's leaving and here comes Terri Boswell.

* * *

Standing over against the wall once more, Lynne tried to stop sobbing. The lines painted across her bottom by that wicked cane still stung like crazy.

Whose idea had this been? Well it had sort been a seed planted by Jane. No matter, it was over now and she was going to the prom---with Nick. She winced as she heard the dry sharp cracks of the cane. Terri was getting it and from the muffled wails, it was as bad as her caning.

* * *

Whew! That last one was a real topper. There is nothing like a tall lanky girl who has to bend way over, and one with such a peach of a bottom. I'll have to say though she took her six without flinching, but I could tell it hurt like billyho. Her legs were trembling and from the front you could see the face scrunched up and the big tears rolling. She ended up with six livid stripes across her bum, just like the rest. Our Aunt Martha knows her business. I would not want to be on the receiving end of that, let me tell you.

Well, we're done. Time to roll this up and get out of Dodge as you Yanks say. They are standing against the wall, skirts up again. One more shot of three pairs of gorgeous bottoms lined up, zoom in and get those red lines across those cheeks before they fade and...fade to black. That's a wrap.

* * *

What a dreamy night. Nick looked great in the tuxedo and Lynne was floating. And they had plans for later. Oooh la la! An announcer stopped the band for a moment to say that they had a special treat----a multimedia presentation of the highlights of the high school careers of the class of 2011.

The lights dimmed and the presentation started. It was all spliced together: sports highlights, shots of campus life, drama, chorus, all of it.

Lynne had just turned to Lisa to say something when she saw a look of absolute horror appear on her friend's face. Lynne looked up to see what? A spanking in progress---it shifted very fast but yes... it was her and then Lisa and Terri. It had been spliced together in a rapidly shifting collage, but there was no doubt as to their identities.

That awful day. Then it cut to the caning. There she was getting her butt striped. She put her hand over her mouth. Who? How? This was the ultimate in humiliation. She wanted the ground to swallow her up. Her classmates were all looking at her and Lisa and Terri.

People watched, too mesmerized to move. Finally everyone broke out yammering and looking around. Some started to laugh. The laughter grew. Lynne looked at Nick. At first he'd appeared stunned. Then he started to chuckle too. "What is this Lynne? You got your botty smacked? Wow, girl, you've got one cute...."

Lynne didn't wait to hear the rest. She hauled off and slapped Nick as hard as she could. How dare he laugh at her abject humiliation. She ran out leaving Nick rubbing his jaw ruefully.

Meanwhile the scene had disappeared and it was back to football and such. Had it really been there? "What happened to your date, Nick?" It was Jane. She sidled up to Nick.

"I guess she got pissed and took off," he said. "Did I really see what I thought I saw?"

"What did you think you saw?" asked Jane with mysterious smile.

"I think I saw Lynne and Lisa and Terri getting spanked. On their bare butts. Then bent over taking licks with a stick. I was about to say how sexy it was---was that some sort of experimental theater or something? A prank video they put together? But she slapped me and just ran out."

"Hmmm. You thought it was sexy, huh?"

"You bet," said Nick. "That spanking stuff--what a turn on."

"Well, me too. I'm English, you know. It's quite popular where I come from." Jane slipped her arm inside Nick's. "I just never got around to telling you."

"It is? You like it?" Nick now seemed very interested.

"Yeah. Maybe I could, like, show you," she said leading Nick off. "Do you have a car? We could go to my place. Mother and father are away for the weekend."

And that is how later that evening Jane found herself face down across her former ex-boyfriend's lap with her dress pulled up and panties pulled down as she instructed him on the finer points of administering an erotic spanking.

* * *

Hullo, Reggie here again. Um, this time I'm afraid I'm in a bit of bother. You see they found out who made the video--not too tough really. But it was a good prank, I thought. And, I'd do anything for my twin sister. The powers that be didn't see it that way, though. I'm in all kinds of trouble, not the least of which is the punishment demanded by the girls and their parents.

Sooo.....in a few short minutes they'll call for me. Waiting down in the study is Aunt Martha and her cane. She's limbering up her arm I'm sure. I'm in the dock for twelve sizzlers and let me tell you, I'm not looking forward to this, not one little bit. Ooops....I think I hear my name being called. See you on the other side.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Great story and that chair looks an awful lot like the one I have to put my hands on the seat with bottom presented for a good long spanking. when in that position Robyn can get a good swing with the belt, strop or paddle.

QBuzz said...

Oh it's so cruel how they have to wait so long to rub their bottoms... I love it :D

Roz said...

This was such a great story Hermione. Love the little twist at the end. I wondered if Reggie would be caught.


ronnie said...


So Reggie did get spanked. I like Rollin's stories and really enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing.


Hermione said...

Hi everybody,

I'm delighted that you enjoyed this story, and that everyone who needed a spanking got one!