Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Verdict

Smack Red SR
Cane-iac's Smack Stick SR
It took a few weeks, but Ron finally noticed the red Smack Stick hanging on the wall rack of paddles.

"I don't think I've used this one before," he said.

"No. It's been hiding in a drawer for a while. I wasn't sure about using it," I replied as I undressed.

"Well, you'll find out soon," he smiled and smacked the stick against his hand.

He warmed me up with a couple of light leather paddles, but then cam the stick.

"Ow! That feels like a club!" I gasped.

"It feels like one to me too," Ron replied, and applied the stick with lighter strokes, but it still hurt a lot.

Chuckie, out neighbour's dog, was outside, and he's the type of dog that just barks for no reason. Not the excited "I see a squirrel!" bark, or the bored,  flat "Let me in" bark, but a continuous, monotonous noise common to small, yappy dogs.

Ron mused, "I wonder if Chuckie can hear us. We can hear him." The window was open.

"Ow! Maybe--ow!"

The smacks suddenly slowed down. "I'm keeping time with his barks," Ron explained. Oh, very creative.

Ron cycled through the implements he had chosen, and after a while my bottom became numb and the smack stick didn't hurt nearly as much, although it was still nasty when it connected with my upper thighs. I suspect it will stay in our arsenal and come out occasionally.

The next morning I could still feel the sting, which is unusual for me. I normally don't have any after effects, except in the shower. But that morning I was very glad that I wouldn't be sitting on any hard chairs or benches.

I leave it up to you whether you dare visit Cane-iac and order one.
From Hermione's Heart


Terpsichore said...

I might just leave that one to you :-) Hugs

Minielle Labraun said...

Ummmm... Hermione, I think your description makes me doubt I’d try it! Lol! 😊

Anonymous said...

I would not like to feel it. Worse is my wife has mentioned that my mother-in-law has commented to her that at her home if spanking required, she would like to give it.
I don't know if this is just talk or if my wife will allow her mother to spank me, either way I would not like to feel the stink of that paddle. As for my mother-in-law spanking me, I really don't know if she meant it. Jack

Quentin QBuzz said...

Sounds quite severe... might be one for my girlfriend to use on me rather than the other way round!

Windy said...

I just read the description, "Folks wanted a very durable "go any where” paddle material and this is it, rain, sleet, snow and tears won’t hurt this one. It will last a lifetime, let the tears from its sting begin." I'm too chicken for now, Hermione! You must have a tough bottom and a high pain tolerance. Good luck with that thing! Hugs! Windy

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

I definitely think I'll pass on ordering one! You are brave! I had to giggle at Chuckie and Ron keeping time with his barks lol.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Have you ever posted a picture of the wall rack of paddles???

Yorkie69 said...

I told you it was good didn't I?

Happy Spankings!


Katie said...

Hi Hermione, :) LOL on Ron smacking you with the smack stick, in time to Chuckie's barking. Very creative of him!

I'm with the others- I'll live vicariously through you on this one. Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

Baxter said...

I am with some of the others, we will let you be the spankee with that. I have looked at the caniac website and a lot of their products look nasty.

Hermione said...

Terps - I don't blame you!

Minelle - It's nor for the faint-hearted.

Jack = Let's hope she was kidding.

QBuzz - I agree, you'd better go first.

Windy - It's pink just like the Everready bunny. Coincidence?

Roz - I assure you I didn't choose it. It came in an after-Christmas sale of 12 mystery implements.

Bogey - I don't believe I have. Thanks for the suggestion.

Yorkie - You did indeed! BTW I bought a chocolate bar called "Yorkie" yesterday and I thought of you.

Katie - He can be very creative when the mood suits him.

Baxter - There are some awful ones there, but really they do have something for everyone. The descriptions make them sound worse than they really are.


ronnie said...

I love the implements from Cane-Iac, but I'll pass on this one.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - That's probably very wise.


WendelJones said...

The “Go anywhere paddle”? Might have to get one for our hikes in the woods. Should fit just perfect in a backpack.