Monday, October 22, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 21

What kind of spanking stories do you prefer?

QBuzz: Having trawled through a lot of classic spanking stories on various blogs, I have to confess that I most like ones that contain a strong hint of or actual sex scenes (especially if it involves adultery/cuckolding) either towards the end after the spanking or as part of the reason for punishment

Anon 1: A cuckold accepting his woman's need for more than he is providing. Perhaps a bull setting rules for his behavior with wife. Actually anything that forces a person to confront their own fantasies
and make them a reality.

Arched one: As a submissive husband I like stories where she is scolding him prior to spanking putting him in an embarrassing position and scolding as she spanks and I like it when she asks if he needs more he says yes and she says ask for it.

Princessimp: I tend to seek out "daddy daughter," "protector/protectee," or husband/wife contemporary domestic discipline type stories. I like some ageplay stories, but they often veer into direction that I don't like as much. Western and/or sci fi stories generally do not appeal to me.

Roz: I prefer more contemporary romance or d/d stories where there is a real connection between the couple. Sci-fi and vampires etc generally do not appeal.

Yorkie: I love the erotic ones. No punishment, no role play, just the sweet, sweet need for a darn good spanking.

Bogey: I am with Yorkie. Call it erotic, romantic, sensual. Boy meets girl, boy spanks girl, both enjoy it. These stories are rare.

Jack: I have always had a desire to be spanked. Single, I would enjoy reading of wives who spanked their husbands. Women who were very Motherly, spankings were for punishment and afterwards explain why a spanking was needed. I found myself being that male over that woman's lap, soon acting like a little child, squirming, kicking, pleading. Afterwords facing the wall then being consoled by my wife as to why I needed to be spanked. Her words would be "naughty little boy", "Mommy knows what is best". Today I have found such a woman, my wife, she understands the need to spank me. Over time I have begin to call her Mommy, she likes that, reminds me that Mommies spank naughty little boys. The spankings are always over her lap, bare bottom, and when I really start to squirm, the spanking begins. When I was single I would sit in the tub, and masturbate, the more "motherly" the woman was the longer I would hold back and dream I was that male over her lap getting a spanking, felt so good. Today over my wife's lap I have learned that once I starting squirming and pleading she then begins the spanking. I would not change a thing, "My Mommy" knows what is best for me and for our marriage to work.

Baxter: I agree with many comments above. The stories I like are full of description of the interaction between spanker and spankee and the progression of the story up to the actual spanking and then how it is transpiring and the aftermath. If I am aroused significantly, then it is a good story and most are. The stories I don't like are those that go into peripheral and collateral details that have nothing to do with the plot and typically I either skip ahead to the real event or I simply stop reading. The job of the author is to keep the reader engaged. I have written spanking stories for myself based on a real event that is fictionalized and I think they are good and keep me interested, even tho I wrote it.

Liza: I prefer contemporary stories with husbands and wives. It doesn't matter if the spankings are for discipline or foreplay. I dislike ageplay stories.

Barrel: As my wife is the disciplinarian in our family, I enjoy stories where the wife/SO mentally prepares her mate for his impending spankings. Head space preparation and mental acceptance is not only erotic, but motivational for us, highlighted with the spankee’s resolution to submit. Her use of several implements reveals her conviction to change his behavior, which is where we are, even after 40 years of marriage. I dislike younger age play stories.

Ronnie: Contemporary d/d stories. Disciplinary/erotic/foreplay. Don't mind western but don't like Sci-fi.

Hermione: As you can probably guess, I enjoy stories of naughty, nearly-grownup boys and girls getting the cane, paddle or strap from a headmaster or principal. When I was a child I devoured British school stories and and always hoped there would be a spanking scene or five. There rarely was. I prefer not to read stories that contain any real violence (rape, injury to other body parts, blood).
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I find alot of stories have male getting caught masturbating, I find this a real turn on. I would like to be caught, then having to finish in front of her. The spanking to follow will really hurt.