Monday, October 29, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 28

Wow! I got a great response to this week's question about thongs. But before I do the recap, here's a heads up for our thirteenth Love our Lurkers extravaganza.

Save the date to Love our Lurkers: 
November 16 - 17

Now back to our discussion on thongs. Here's what you said:

Gary: My wife just retired from teaching elementary art, and one day a few years ago, making conversation with a student, referred to the student's flip-flops as "thongs" an outdated term. The student was aghast, so my wife determined not to make that mistake again.

Now, in answer to your question, neither of us wear underwear any more, but we kind of like the stimulating brevity of thong underwear.

Roz: Thongs are definitely out here. I don't like them at all and fortunately neither does Rick. I think he prefers a little more to unwrap :)

Yorkie: Seeing as I am the one that is spanked, I have never worn them and have no intention of ever doing so. I do, however, have one abiding memory of my wife wearing a one piece item with a thong back many years ago (in our home, she would never wear anything like that in public) and, extraordinarily I spanked her while she wore it. Just for fun, and she stipulated I be stern with her and so I was and I spanked her pink then told her to go lay on our bed face down and wait for me and...well we had some fun if you get my meaning.

NoraJean: I have loved thongs from the get go ... no panty lines for one thing plus I find them comfortable. However, since Frank has 'a bit' of a lingerie fetish, my underwear drawer contains just about every kind of panty you could think of ... lol ... and each day he chooses my panties and lays them out for me ... and if there are none laid out, the rule is it's a no panty day ;)

Anon 1: I occasionally wear them but they aren't my favorite or preferred. They ride up way too much to be comfortable. I don't think my spouse has much of an opinion on them.

Sir Wendel: The Misses will wear a thong under her skirt once in a while. I love the look of her bottom when I put her across my lap however spankings are always on the bare bottom so the thong is pulled down the same as a full panty.

QBuzz: Thongs are sexy! I love when my girlfriend wears them and she likes me to wear one for her when I dress up in my g-string waiter outfit

Jack: Try a 20 foot pole!

Princessimp: I don't generally wear thongs, as I don't find them comfortable. My husband actually doesn't care for them either. I could imagine them possibly making a spanking more exciting, since they have sort of a "naughty" feel to them. For a real punishment, though, why would I make things easier for him?! Haha.

Simon: Well they don't suit me but I can take them or leave them when it comes to ladies wearing them. If I'm spanking a lady I so grateful that she is letting me punish her that I don't really care what she is wearing.

Wilma: TMI moment warning. Lol. There are certain days of the month when G-strings are worn to hide other strings during a spanking. It gives me a tiny piece of mind; B could care less. I do wear them by choice depending on what I am wearing. B prefers me in dresses and flowy skirts and thongs don't mix for various reasons! Lol

So to answer the question, for a week a month they help with spankings.

Anon 2: I do not allow them, as a spanker.

I like otk in layers, one at a time, plus I enjoy delivering a super hard panty-warming, so my spankee can't get relief later from cool panties, once we are all done.

Its enjoyable unveiling a bare bottom where as the spanker, you are not sure how red it is.

Thongs take that away.

Downunder Don: Totally off topic, but down here we call them a pair of thongs for your feet and a single thong for your bum.

And no, Mumski doesn't wear either; spanked or not.

Ronnie: I have a couple of pairs but hardly wear them. P quite likes them but prefers the fuller fitting style of knickers when he spanks me.

A.J.: (I assume by your question you mean women wearing things...(?)

For spanking I don't think it matters - they're comin' off regardless!!

My non-spanking girlfriend LOVES them. Only style she wears, and for the same reason Norma Jean gave - no panty line (which...sometimes, I kinda' like). Her other reason, one she will only admit under questing where some alcohol is involved, it that it makes her feel a bit "naughty". And me smile!

Whatev. If it makes her happy...!

Is your next question going to be about "granny-panties"? Because you may get a completely different set of responses!

I intended the question for both men and women, and thank you for the great suggestion for next week!

Fondles: I quite like thongs. I'm sure BIKSS agrees they are quite lovely. The only problem is that if i'm going to be out and about for any period of time, I'd prefer to have something that I could stick a liner on. was that tmi?

For spanking tho, no problem. It's not like they'll stay on too long anyway, i don't think. I shall wear one this evening. I think I have been remiss in my choice of undergarments lately.

Hermione: When I used to teach aerobics I always wore a thong-style leotard over spandex shorts. It was the fashion then and I found it quite comfortable. But when I went out and bought a batch of thong panties, it was quite a different matter. Someone once said it was like wearing dental floss between your cheeks and she's right. Although I enjoyed the sensation of a bare bottom under slacks or jeans, I found them quite uncomfortable. Ron prefers no covering at all for spanking, so we are on the same page there.
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

I missed the chance to comment the first thing me around.

I have always loved women’s panties and tell my wife she deserves nice ones to package her special charms. Mostly I like nylon of various colors and patterns - almost anything but the ubiquitous beige.

With things, there’s not enough to appreciate. For me it’s real panties or nothing.