Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 7

How does the spanker in your relationship feel about spanking?

Liza: My husband loves it. He was really excited when he found out I was into spanking.

QBuzz: My girlfriend is a switch (as am I) so I think she's pretty happy whichever end of the paddle she's on.

Anon: My wife does the spanking, she may deep down enjoy it, but understands that I need to be spanked.

Roz: We both enjoy spanking too. I think we were both pretty happy when we discovered we were both into spanking (he spanker, me spankee).

Happy Thanksgiving Hermione. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend celebrating.

Joe: I truly enjoy being spanked and look forward to each and every session with my wife spanking me. As for her she spanks me because she knows I get off on it and she enjoys pleasing me but does not want to be spanked at all. Happy Thanksgiving Hermione.

Sir Wendel: We both enjoy spanking and being spanked by each other.

Bogey: Yorkie, if I had to guess, I would say there are more in a situation like you are in. I think that is the case for M/F or F/M. It's regrettable that we don't express our needs before we get married.

Yorkie: I did. Told her everything. Still do.

Jack: Relief, less stress, having someone who loves you, understand what you need and may not want. My wife is such, I have an attitude at times, I tend to want everything my way, and I wanted my wife more than anything. She thought long and hard about marriage, she made it clear, change was going to happen. I recall a Sunday morning after church, I really was not in the mood for church, said a couple of things I should not have said at church. She was mad, driving home, she reminded me of change, and I said I was sorry. I was changing my clothes and was just in my underpants and she looked at, time for a change, and I was told to get over her lap and now. I did so, she quickly pulled the underpants down and for the next several minutes I felt the sting of her hand. When she stopped and I stood up, you best get to the kitchen and I went to pull up my underpants, take them off she said and so I did and naked went to the kitchen. She was making lunch, did not want me to be rubbing and I stood saying nothing. This was the first, and today she has improved on the spankings. She also feels, relief, less stress, and understands a woman's place in a marriage, and reminds me that my place will be over her lap, bare bottom, and learning about change.

Rosco: My wife Irene has been spanking me since 1980. Originally it was because I suggested it. She wasn’t into it at first, but was always open and wanted to please me.

Nowadays she probably likes it more than I. She only stops because she wants me to kiss her between the legs (etc).

Our sex life has been mostly female dominant, but skyrocketed in intensity when the youngest went off to college - even if frequency is down to about once a week.

Bernie: At one time my wife seemed to enjoy spanking me. This has trailed off in the last couple of years. I wish I could rekindle her interest enough to go back to regular spankings, rather than the sporadic ones I'm getting now.

And does anyone have suggestions about how to re-engage? I hope some of you can help. 

NoraJean: My spanker man Frank, loves it! Although we've had impact play in our dynamic for years, the OTK type spanking in and of itself wasn't my thing until it was, with our trip down this ttwd road and now its definitely his thing. I do love an erotic type spanking ... any other kind serves as a reminder that he's the HoH. I do love him for that.

Amy: Doesn't matter what kind of spanking Eric is giving me (reset, discipline, or sexual play), it is a huge turn on for him. The act of being in charge, the physical exertion, and the knowledge that in one way or another he is helping me - all very erotic to him. I find great security in having him take me OTK. He keeps me happy.

Ronnie: I really enjoy being spanked and happy to say P loves to spank me.

Hermione: With us, spanking is not always foreplay. but is just done for its own sake. For that reason, I'm pretty sure that I get more out of it than Ron does, but he happily complies because it pleases me, At times he seems quite enthusiastic and he always takes his responsibility seriously.

Thank you all for responding. Yorkie, I hope that gives you some reassurance.
From Hermione's Heart

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