Sunday, March 3, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #268

Each day, The National Post prints a passage from Samuel Pepys' diary for that day. Pepys was the naval administrator and first secretary of the British Admiralty in the 17th century, and he witnessed and documented the great fire of London and the plague in his diary. He also recorded his naughty encounters with women, but cleverly described them in French, I assume because his wife did not understand that language. Yesterday's entry from 1667 included this sentence:
Being returned home, I encountered Greeting, the flageolet-master, come, and teaching my wife: and I do think my wife will take pleasure in it, and it will be easy for her, and pleasant.
What was a flageolet-master? I envisioned a black robed flagellation expert giving his wife a flogging lesson. Then I looked up the term, and what Google surprised me with was the flageolet bean (see image above). Was the flageolet-master a cook? I searched further and discovered that the flageolet was a small, easy to play flute, now no longer in existence. Mystery solved. Except...

I still like my first interpretation, so here is today's discussion topic:

If you were able to have a spanking expert come to your home, what sort of lesson would you and your partner expect to have? Would you want to learn a new technique, have an expert critique your own technique, receive advice on implement care and use, or something else? What could an expert teach you?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion on Monday.
From Hermione's Heart


Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

For me, I don't think I would be looking so much for new learning but a new experience. Because our spankings are all disciplinary in nature, I think the value of such an expert would be in delivering an objective, "all business" spanking session. A spanking from a spouse happens within the context of the larger relationship. It would be interesting to receive a disciplinary spanking in which that context was removed and it was just discipline, pure and simple and objective.

Barrel said...

We would welcome a female disciplinarian. As we continue to use discipline and punishment for emotional and physical cleansing, we need to improve the use of scolding, lectures, corner time, long pauses for tea or a glass of wine when I am restrained, intermixed with renewed, vigorous punishment, thus prolonging our sessions. Being on the receiving end of my wife’s canes is a challenge to say the least. Yet I think consultation how high up on my buttocks is safe and how to not wrap her thin cane and strap onto the sides of my hips would benefit both of us. Finally, the pace at which each stroke is delivered, depending on the implement and severity is something we are working on right now, and we would benefit from a professional’s experience.

Great topic. I can’t wait to learn from other guests at brunch!


Anonymous said...

I would love for someone to introduce us to a proper cane. All aspects. What to look for when buying one, how to use to take it. I think I'm the only spanko in the UK that doesn't own one yet!

Roz said...

Interesting Hermione, I certainly hadn't heard of it.

The question has me stumped this week for some reason. I imagine a spanking excerpt would teach us technique.


QBuzz said...

Wow, what a topic to set the mind racing!
We only do erotic/romantic spanking, so I would like a disciplinarian to visit us to demonstrate what a 'real' punishment session would be like with spanking, scolding, corner time etc. As we switch, I'm not sure whether I'd prefer us to be punished together, or have two sessions with the 'dominant' partner just watching...

PS the extracts I've seen from Pepys diary have been really kinky, with references to cuckolding and so on! Is there a place only where all the naughty bits are collected together?

Bonnie said...

Great question! My first thought is that Randy has already given me every sort of spanking we can conceive within the bounds of safety and practicality. But there must be more.

Our spanking mentor might introduce us to new synthetic implement materials beyond the traditional wood and leather. Kevlar and rubber are just the beginning. A paddle or strap constructed from such materials maximizes discomfort and minimizes effort.

This visitor might be considered analogous to the Fuller Brush man, who in times past also brought ferocious spanking implements right to your door.

On the other side of the ledger, the mentor could provide restorative creams that condition the skin of frequently spanked bottoms to maintain elasticity and prevent cracking. Healthy skin can absorb more spanking.

The mentor could also coach technique. For example, the use of syncopation can prevent a spankee from anticipating the next swat. This additional loss of control can make the pain of a punishment more immediate.

On the lighter side, the mentor might recommend spanking games like "Roll a Three, Over My Knee" or "Bare Bottom Bingo."

Or maybe our mentor is less like the Fuller Brush man and more like a sponsor of Tupperware parties. Couples could learn from each other as they expand the breadth of their spanking experience. I could envision demonstrations and implement testing for those so inclined. And cake, yes, cake.

Seems like a good idea, and a fun job.

Terpsichore said...

I would like the expert to write a prescription as a doctor would stating that my husband must spank me at least once a week for optimum health. In addition any spanking techniques, implement sharing, or instructions on creating your own implements would be be appreciated. :-) Oh, and did Bonnie mention cake? Yes, cake...too :-)


WendelJones said...

Interesting question this week. I don’t think I would want anyone visiting telling us how to spank each other better. We have our own style and it would take from the fun and exciting experiences we have.

Anonymous said...

A flageolet is a woodwind instrument similar to a Recorder. That is what the Master was coming to the house to teach her.

ronnie said...


Good question.

A flageolet is a bean but also a musical instrument. I like your interpretation of a master coming to give his wife a whipping lesson:)

I would be interested to see what a mentor would suggest re different spanking materials (as one of Bonnie's suggestions) than the standard wood, leather and rubber.