Monday, March 25, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 24

Do you take photos of the results of spankings?

Amy: Eric and I have taken pictures after I've been spanked. He travels a ton so it's nice having an arsenal of photos I can send to remind us both of times we've shared. We have posted a picture or two on our blog but then they come down after a bit. The pics are really more for us. Memories.

NoraJean: I hate having my picture taken at the best of time so not a favourite thing to do. ... however, having said that, we have taken pictures for fun (in the old days it was polaroids ... lol!) but they all get deleted (burned ;)) as soon as the fun is over.

Red: I have Cindy take photos occasionally, so I can post on my blog.
Many reasons why:
To show that the spanking was real
To show that any body shape is fine to be spanked,
I always try to encourage others to post a picture (hint to Hermione)
I see nothing wrong with nudity. The only thing wrong is any type of body shaming by anyone!
We ensure no recognizable face is visible, nor any household furnishings, but if anyone I know follows this blog, they would recognize me from the back, and the household furnishings, besides the frequencies of travel dates.
I encourage every spanked person to post a photo of their spanked bare bottom

QBuzz: We often take pictures before during and after spanking, they're great to look at together afterwards and when we're apart. We haven't shared them with anyone and I doubt we will.

Fred Bloggs: I most certainly do take pictures of the marks. In fact I just finished an experiment with a photograph of my bum every day until the marks were no longer visible after 50 cane strokes. It took 30 days to heal. (I think I heal slower as I get older.) I have a huge library of pictures of spanked bums, both my own and play friends. I don't have anywhere to share them, but they are just for me and my friends so I would not want to share them.

Roz: We don't take pictures as a general rule, however Rick has taken post spanking pics on the odd occasion to show me what state my bottom is in lol, easier than looking in the mirror. They are usually quickly deleted.

Fondles: OH we have definitely taken photos after a spanking. Some have been shared on the blog, and others just for our own album :)

Yorkie: My wife is a bit dubious of red bottom photos so I doubt very much if she would take any of mine. If I ask and say it would remind me of her (which would be the truth) she might do it.

Anon: I showed my wife this question, her response was no way...seeing the real thing is best of all.

Sir Wendel: Once in a while we will take before and after photos to admire the “handy” work. We do keep them and sometimes compare the “end” results.

Barrel: We did once after what had been planned to be an epic punishment session. I asked her to take a few pics while I was still restrained on the bench at the bottom of our bed so we could long admire the results of a long strapping and caning. I expected the pics would record the thick welts from the strap and white edges of each cane stroke. Regrettably, neither were produced as she backed off because of my struggles and moaning. So we continue to practice our kink. We would share a pic or three but only to trusted fellow spanko’s with assured anonymity.

Ronnie: P's taken quite a lot of photos of my bottom after a spanking. Some I've shared on my blog.

Bonnie: That's a big yes for me. Randy has chronicled and curated forty years of spankings (and associated activities). We started with Polaroid photos and moved on to digital photos, audio tape recordings, digital audio recordings, digital videos, and written accounts. The narratives are written by me. About 100 of these are posted on my blog. The photos and videos are just for us. I have shared a few transcribed audio recordings when I think readers might enjoy the banter.

Why, you ask? We *love* our spankings and capturing them allows us to recall and occasionally relive these good times. Otherwise, the memories would tend to run together with the passage of time. A couple of weeks ago, we recreated a cheerleader paddling I received back in the nineties. It was delicious.

Hermione: We haven't done this, and I wouldn't be very comfortable seeing pictures of my red bottom. But if Ron wanted to start snapping, I would go along with his wishes.

Have a great week, everyone!
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

My wife states that I can rest assured the only picture she has of her spanking me is all she will ever have. It hangs on the refrigerator, it was taken by my mother-in-law. I was being given a spanking in the bedroom, she drops and hears the spanking and comes to the bedroom. My wife has me over her lap, I'm naked, kicking, pleading and my mother-in-law takes out her phone and takes the picture. A week or so later when she comes to visit she gives my wife a large yellow envelope and inside was an 8x10 in color of the spanking, she does her own pictures. It leaves nothing out and when she took the picture I was bent halfway and showing all. When she brought the picture over she also gave my wife a present, it was a bath brush. She also said with a smile, that what is needed is a picture of her spanking me, it has not happened yet, the bath brush hurts like hell and really gets my attention. Jack