Monday, March 11, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 10

Do you do anything to ease the sting of a spanking?

QBuzz: Does sex count? :D

Roz: Mostly I enjoy the burn but occassionally Rick would put Arnica or some other lotion on afterwards, though I'm not sure that helped the burn!

 Bernie: Definitely prefer keeping the burn!

Joe: Burn baby burn.

Rosco: Irene’s sharp fingernails, passionately employed after successful cunnlingus.

Anon 1: I wish, my wife will not allow any relief after a spanking, they're punishment spankings.

Yorkie: Nope. I love the burn and prefer to cherish it for as long as it lasts.

The Glenmore: Rubbing helps but unfortunately is not permitted.

Jack: My wife spankings have nothing to do with sexual fun. She does enjoy seeing me facing the wall, wanting so bad to rub and dance around. The burn that my bottom feels does not bring pleasure at all. It is only worse if someone drops in and sees me facing the wall and makes a comment how red my bottom it and that it must be very warm. I must say it is very warm, and add Mommy will not allow me to rub.

Amy: Feel the burn! I absolutely hate the actually spanking. I do not like the pain that goes with it but that sweet after burn is Heaven to me. That's all I want and I'm willing to go through the pain of the moment to get that burn to last as long as possible.

Ronnie: Much prefer the burn.

Barrel: I cherish the welts and cane’s ridges from a severe thrashing. I have earned them and wear them with pride, so we don’t do anything to lessen the results.

Peter: After being spanked or paddled or caned, often have had to wear wool slacks, no underwear. Torture!

Anon 1: I love the Burn!

Hermione: Ron always spritzes my thighs and bottom with cold water from a spray bottle he keeps handy, It's his way of signalling that a spanking is officially over. It doesn't do a lot for the burn because it always startles me and I quickly move out of range.

Well, it looks like the ice will go to waste on all but a few of you!
From Hermione's Heart

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