Monday, April 6, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 5

What physical or mental actions help you endure the most difficult part of the spanking?

Jack: I just kick, squirm, it helps and it does not help. My wife takes a tighter grip, will secure my legs, and saids "see I'm getting your attention" and the hairbrush lands harder and faster. When it is over, dancing around, rubbing does help, until told to face the wall.

Rosco: I try to stick my bottom up in the air as that’s what Irene likes me to do. (I’m twice her size so I rarely go over her lap.) But it’s hard to do when the smacks of the paddle are coming hard and fast. I kick my legs in proportion to the intensity and try to stay quiet, but sometimes fail.

And it’s hard to breathe sometimes if she doesn’t give me time between whacks.

It happened last night - had two paddlings at bedtime, separated by time on a hard wooden chair in her closet. Hot bottom this morning but feel loved.

Xen: Let’s see... I try to stay relaxed but end up clenching my whole body, I cross my ankles (I don’t know why that one helps) I kick my legs until I’m told to stop, I squirm (hoping to at least change the target area some) and I cover my ears (the sound bothers me). Deep breaths and trying to sort of mentally accept the pain sometimes helps with painful non-punishment spankings. Not much helps with punishment.

KDPierre: You know I like to joke, and what I'm going to admit to here is going to sound like I'm teasing, but it's completely true: for quite a while now I have found myself putting my fingers against my ears during the more difficult times. I have no clue as to why I feel this helps, but it does for some reason.

Wendel: The Misses yells out each time the belt smacks her bottom. For a regular spankings she wiggles her feet at the ankles. I tend to take heavier breaths and make fists.

Michael M: I start off relaxed and then become tense. I try and focus on the pleasure of each stroke and on the excitement of being under my wife's control.

Prefectdt: Trying to maintain a regular, deep and slow breathing pattern is the best thing for me. Concentrating on relaxing muscles after a hard strike also helps, before the point when the pain becomes more welcome. I will not do it unless asked to but counting the strikes helps me get my head in the right place for a spanking as well.

QBuzz: With the hand or the belt, I don't need a 'coping mechanism' as I enjoy it too much :D
But when my partner brings out the other implements, I find the best way is to just try and focus on relaxing and submitting to the pain, and expressing my agony vocally rather than physically (although a decent amount of squirming is inevitable). I think too much jerking and wriggling around is frustrating and off-putting for a female spanking a male, as she has to put too much strength into holding him in place.

Roz: I will often clench my fists or grab onto the duvet or hold onto Rick's leg, depending on the position. I also get vocal at times.

Red: Actually, I am trying my best to avoid doing anything to lessen the effect of the spanking. If bent over the counter in the kitchen for a quick on the spot spanking with the wooden soup spoon, I do raise up on my toes, and am trying to stop doing that. I used to count the spanks and that made them less significant on any type of spanking, so I have entirely stopped doing that, unless asked to count out the last ten spanks. Feet dancing occurs naturally, and I think Cindy enjoys my reacting to her efforts. Being vocal relieves any built up holding of the breath, which again would be trying to mitigate the effect of the spanking.

Bonnie: I think there are really two answers to this question. There are involuntary reactions over which I have little control. These include some combination of squeezing eyes closed, gritting teeth, clenching hands and feet, and vocalizing my acute distress.

But there are also some voluntary actions that I have developed over many years and many spankings received. Most important is breathing. Slow and steady, when possible, works much better than rapid panting. I use the techniques I learned in Lamaze training ages ago, and they still work. Relaxing the bottom is difficult while it's being beaten, but this technique helps reduce those achy deep muscle bruises.

Then there is the mental side. Early in a spanking, I admit that my mind sometimes wanders to topics like laundry or work assignments or kids. But when things get serious, what's happening to my behind is at the forefront of my thoughts. I try to ride the waves of pain, if that makes any sense. I want to slow everything down and land in a floaty place. Sometimes, I get there and other times I just end up sore and exhausted. But even that can be a good feeling.

Kenzie: Ohh great topic! I usually start off with stuff like gripping the sheets and trying to anticipate the smacks, but I realized that the best way for me is to just embrace it. Once I embrace it I can relax a little bit. But there's always some squirming and being vocal involved as well.

Ronnie: I squeeze my eyes shut, grit my teeth and hold onto P's leg if OTK or the duvet if I'm spanked on the bed and of course I get quite vocal.

Barrel: My answer is a lot like Bonnie. I try to control my breathing, steady and slow. Secondly, if OTK, I grab the legs of the bench at the bottom of our bed, which is where I get all the OTK spankings. I do count as my wife seems to as well. She generally works in groups of either 10”s or 20”s. It messes with my head when she goes beyond 20!!! If I am restrained on the bench for a long and serious beating, I breath and just hold on. After a while, I ride Bonnie’s wave of pain and just let it in, knowing that is truly what I want.

I shared this question with Hermione as I wanted to learn from all of you. Thanks for sharing your tips. It helps.

Yorkie: With my spankings I am naked, laying over my wife's lap. Usually I am gripping the next implement to be used with white knuckles, trying to breathe and not hold my breath, while also kicking my legs, curling my toes and trying not to swear! All the while waiting for a break and when it comes I am immediately wanting the next round!
Hermione: I squeeze my eyes shut and hope it will be over soon. I try to breathe but often forget.

Thank you all for joining in. Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

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