Thursday, July 2, 2020

Complete the Caption

This vintage sketch captures a magical moment in time. What is the relationship between the gentleman and his victim? What was the nature of the lady's offence? And who is spying on them behind the tree? So many questions!

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your thoughts before we enjoy brunch.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

They’re in the outdoors but she’s wearing high heels. They’re at an afternoon social at Millie’s country house when Peggy gets a bit tipsy and overly flirtatious. It’s not the first time and she’s been warned. Millie is considering whether to confess that she put a little extra gin in Peggy’s glass to liven things up because the spanking looks pretty darn enticing.

A great scene.

“Where can I find a man like that?”, Millie wondered. “I would be so good. I mean naughty. I mean ... oh please just spank me.”


Dave Wolfe said...

Intrepid Girl Reporter Betty Boppser encounters Dr. Heimlich practicing his other Maneuver with Nurse Pat Tillotglows.

Baxter said...

Chloe, You embarrassed me in front of family and friends with your drinking and now I have bared your ass for what you have deserved for a long long time. And there will be much more of this after we are married, you can be assured.

But George, I really don't love you. Well, maybe I might be loving you now that you have finally taken my hints and are punishing me. I have been bratty and you do nothing to rightfully discipline me. My girl friend who I am real close to spanks me a lot and how I love her. Oh my, she is behind the tree watching now.

She is? well maybe she should spank you also. Maybe we could both spank you at the same time as you have two naughty cheeks.

Oh George, that would be wonderful. Both people who love me, spanking me at the same time. Please do this.

Anonymous said...

Your mother told me you needed to be spanked, well dear you attitude at your Mother's party, be thankful she is not seeing this spanking, bet she would enjoy it.

Bonnie said...

The young woman behind the tree is thinking, "What a lucky girl!"

kdpierre said...

Woman behind tree:(In snooty upper class accent) "Oh bother! Are those dreadful mosquitoes out already?!"

Minielle Labraun said...

I can’t believe that snooty Ms Sally is finally getting spanked! She deserves every swat for all her nasty comments!

WendelJones said...

Woman behind the tree: Excuse me sir. May i recommend your belt.

ronnie said...

The women behind the tree. I wished John would do that to me.


Anonymous said...

I see Henry finally has put Eleanor in the "learning position". About time!