Sunday, July 5, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #338

For four months now, I've gone without glasses, after wearing them for most of my life. After my last eye surgery, I had arranged for an appointment for an eye test and a prescription for my new eyes, but that was cancelled along with everything else during the shutdown. I could see perfectly, except that I saw two of everything. Not so bad around the house, but disconcerting when driving. Yesterday I finally got my new glasses, and they rock! Not only are they super thin—unlike the coke bottle lenses I used to have—but I'm no longer seeing double. Colour me happy!

Prefectdt has a regular feature on his blog, called "Spec"tacular Spanking. Here's his latest pic of a young woman being spanked while wearing glasses. Now, how about you?

If you or your partner wear corrective lenses, do you remove then prior to a spanking? Do you think that glasses add to the excitement of a spanking, either in real life or in photos or videos?

Please leave your response as a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to weigh in.
From Hermione's Heart


Bonnie said...

I had cataract surgeries in 2018 and my vision is now almost perfect. I wear reading glasses when I work on the computer, but never during a spanking. I used to wear contact lenses and I received spankings both with them and without.

I don't think glasses add to the excitement of a spanking, but they don't kill the mood either.

Glad that you are seeing well now!

Anonymous said...

Wearing glasses makes watching others get spanked on SpankingTube easier, and my wife finds them helpful when she is spanking me. They do nothing of value for me when being spanked.

Glenmoretales said...

When the spanker wears glasses it does give them that authoritative look !

Roz said...

Hi Hermione, glad your new glasses are working well for you and given you a new lease.

As to the question. We both actually wear glassess. I usually take mine off for a spanking. I find they get in the way and sometimes threaten to fall off. Rick keeps his on, for obvious reasons lol. Plus, he likes to see the results of his handiwork properly:)


Fred Bloggs said...

I have worn spectacles sine I was a child, it's the first thing I do in the morning, put them on, and the last thing at night, take them off. I don't deliberately remove them for spanking. I don't think about them, they are just part of me now.

Minielle Labraun said...

Glad you have new glasses that help you see!
I take mine off when we are in the bedroom since they will get smudged. However if my guy spontaneously reacts I don’t have time!

Anonymous said...

Mine fall off, so my wife takes them, does not want them to break and as she states there is nothing to see. She spanks that hard that my squirming, kicking would make my glasses fall off. Jack

QBuzz said...

I often leave my glasses on when being spanked as I feel submissive in them and it helps me get in the mood. My partner usually removes hers though sometimes she leaves them on if appropriate when she is playing a headmistress or a naughty secretary etc

Eric51Amy49 said...

Woo hoo! Glad you can see again. I get awfully cranky when my vision is off and so does Eric. He should ear glasses all of the time but he hates them. I do like when he has them on, though. He looks distinguished and intelligent. It's actually a huge turn on to be scolded, told to head upstairs, knowing what is coming from Eric as he looks past the newspaper he's reading with those glasses on.

ronnie said...

I only wear glasses for computer work and reading, never for a spanking. P wears glasses, sometimes he leaves them on, other times they come off.


Bernie said...

Mine tend to fall off while getting spanked, so I take them off right away. My vision is plenty good enough to see what implements are going to be applied. I do put them back on if directed to examine her handiwork in the mirror - it's nice to see the finer details.

Anonymous said...

Fun Q. Answers all over the map.

"Getting"? I take them off.
"Giving"? I think it's 50/50. And no logical reason why, just the mood, I guess.

I did like Glenmoretales comment. A woman giving a spanking while she wears her glasses? Yeah. Sexy. Don't know why as I can't see her once the action starts. Must that "naughty librarian" thing....


WendelJones said...

Definitely makes it feel like I am being spanked by the librarian or school teacher.

Barrel said...

Vision is a gift. We are happy yours is now perfect. If only.

I’m the one who wears glasses. I always take them off as I tend to rest the side of my head on the bench during spankings and my glasses would twist off my head anyway. I do like the encouragement for discipline from the strict librarian or headmistress.


Glad to hear that your vision issues have been successfully resolved.

I will usually leave my glasses on when getting spanked, unless the spanker tells me to take them off or I am in a head down position (eg, OTK) when they tend to bounce around on my nose and sometimes fall off.

I think that it is the man made lines of glasses contrasting with the natural lines of a woman's face and thereby emphasizing the beauty of the female features, that causes me to find glasses wearing females more attractive. A bit of the same sort of thing that stockings and suspenders do for the hips and thighs.


Simon said...

Normally I put on my glasses when I wake up and apart from changing over to my reading glasses, I don't get on with bifocals, they're on until I go to sleep. However sometimes I am made to wear a blindfold whilst being punished which I enjoy as an occasional change.