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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 26

Is spanking a fetish for you?

Dan: Hi Hermione. For me, the answer is no. I have a very strong interest in spanking and discipline, but I had a fulfilling sexual relationship with my wife before discovering that interest, and I could do so again.

Fred Bloggs: As much as I like spanking and the fact that it is all mixed up with sex, it's not essential for me to get off. Spanking has a different purpose, it's a stress relief, decompression activity.

Roz: For me the answer is no. While I enjoy spanking and it can enhance the sexual experience, it's not essential for me to obtain sexual fulfillment.

Jack: Has been for as long as I can remember. Movies that included a spanking I would watch several times. I cannot explain why, just something that I would get exited about. Prior to my marriage, spanking videos, magazines prior to the internet. Masturbating while watching, or looking at a magazine.

Bernie: Spanking really is part of my sexual identity. It doesn't have to be 100% of the time, but it sure is a substantial fraction. Keep the great questions coming.

Rosco: "Fetish" is not a word we use. Even so, I think of my interest in my wife's panties as closer to a fetish than our interest in spanking.

I think of spanking more as an obsession - and I expect to be getting one within the hour. Then I will be sent out on errands, hoping sexual favors will come a bit later.

Anon: The need/desire to spank/be spanked has to be genetic!

Bonnie: I will say no, but for a slightly different reason. Spankings for us are not an "object or item of clothing or part of the body." Our spankings are not a prerequisite for sexual gratification or an supplemental augmentation. For Randy and me, spankings are sex. Could we have intercourse without spanking (or spankings without intercourse)? Yes, of course, and we do. But why would we not choose both?

Graham: Interesting question. Probably 2/3 of the time we have intercourse without spanking. However, I would probably choose to have spanking a lot more if it were solely up to me.

That said, there's not a day that goes by without some thought/fantasy of spanking.

Putting labels on people is often a problem, and this is an example for some of us.

Xen: Yes. Spanking pretty much *is* my sexuality. I don’t physically need to be being spanked (though it helps), fantasizing is enough, but there needs to be some spanking element involved. Sex is secondary.

Wendel: A spanking always leads to sex but is not necessary.

Minelle: Good question. I have always been drawn to spanking even before any I was old enough to experience mature sexual desire or activity. Spanking and love are part of my desires. Sex can often be part of our spanking relationship but isn’t necessary for it to happen. In other words we have a loving sexual relationship without needing spanking. However spanking reality and fantasy is an integral part of my being.

Prefectdt: Fantasizing about spanking, reading about spanking and watching some spanking videos (by no means all of them) is highly erotic to me. However, when actually getting spanked I find myself far more interested in the spanking than in any sexual activity. On the very rare occasions that spanking and sex have been a combined activity in my life, the sexual part has always been initiated by the other party involved. I don't think that I would ever even suggest sex with a spanking partner. That side of things would have to come from them.

So my answer is yes on a fantasy level and no on a real life level, as to whether or not spanking is a sexual fetish, where I am concerned.

Barrel: I would say no. We do not need spanking to get us turned on, nor is it a necessary prelude to sex. It is certainly a stress reliever and attitude adjuster for me. After 42 years of marriage, and almost as long at spanking, it is more of a life style.

Baxter: During our foreplay, my wife will spank me a bit, but not much so as to not interfere with a good erection. During sex though, my wife will whack my ass with a belt a few times and it feels good. however, we do have sex without spanking and it is fine.

Hermione: It's definitely a fetish for me. Spanking is always foreplay for us these days, and although the actual spanking doesn't turn me on at the time, it does afterward. During one, I'm concentrating on the pain more than the erotic nature of the act (although my body does respond by lubricating). But in order to achieve sexual satisfaction, I absolutely must be thinking about spanking or being spanked. I replay erotic passages I have read and visualize the scene in my head. Without that stimulus, there's no orgasm for me.

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