Thursday, July 23, 2020

Best Bum Competition

The Yorkshire Museum launched a worldwide battle between curators on June 26 to see which museum has the very best behind in its collection. The Yorkshire Museum started the challenge off with a photo of a Roman marble statuette of an athlete who has a chunk missing from his bum.

Museums from all over the world have taken part, and here are six of the best ones.

Yummy! Are the museums open where you live?

See more entries at Bored Panda here.
From Hermione's Heart


Minielle Labraun said...

I have to say all those bums are perfect! They all have varied attributes to earn them a winning distinction!
Thanks Hermione!

kdpierre said...

What a great post! Thanks, Hermione! As for a winner? Don't ask me. I am a sucker for variety. ......but I'll gladly keep looking.

Baxter said...

What a fun thing for the museums to do. Thanks for sharing.

ronnie said...

They are look so perfect. Fun post. Thanks. Museums in the UK are mostly open now.


PK said...

This is great. And they are all beautiful! Such a fun competition.

Erica Scott said...

Oh, myyy. (eyes popping) No museums open here in So. CA, last time I checked. Although these things seem to change by the week.


Ha Ha! Just before I read this I had just finished a post, scheduled for Friday, that linked to an article in the UK Guardian about this subject. Great minds think alike and so do ours too, sometimes. Nice photos Hermione.


Anonymous said...

What a good idea, I vote for the walkergallery entry :-)


Roz said...

What a wonderful, fun competition. I love it! Love the captions from all the different museums to accompany their entry too lol