Monday, July 20, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 19

Have you ever used a mask to enhance your spanking?

Roz: We have never experimented with wearing a mask during a spanking. We have used various scarves etc as blindfolds on occasion. It definitely heightens the other senses and overall experience.

Bonnie: I really had to scour the memory banks for this answer. I couldn't remember doing so and a search of my blog reveals no such instances. So I asked Randy. He has a great memory. He claims I did wear a mask when he first started videotaping (yes, on VHS tape!) our spankings. I was nervous that my face might be revealed somehow. That didn't happen and the mask was quickly forgotten, at least by me.

Barrel: We have never worn or experimented with masks. However, the masks worn in The Story of O are quite scintillating. Our sessions usually have enough goings on that one more might be too much. An interesting never know.

The owl mask in The Story of O was exquisite.

KDPierre: Do piggy noses and ears count?

Prefectdt: Kdpierre OMG yes :)

I have worn a few different goggles, with the eyepieces painted over, as blindfolds. I often wondered how I looked in these. I will have to ask for a picture, if this ever happens again :)

There have been lots of fantasies about being spanked by a masked highway woman but unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to act these out.

Ronnie: No masks but have used blindfolds on occasion.

Hermione: I haven't either, although I was once in a children's play and wore a full head fox mask. Luckily, I had no lines to say as they would have been muffled by the mask.

Thank you all for unmasking your desires!
From Hermione's Heart

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