Sunday, July 12, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #339

Earlier this week, my dear friend Ronnie posted a picture of a young woman being spanked while wearing black stockings and elegant high heels. Several readers commented on the footwear, so I thought that since last week we discussed glasses, this week we would look at what is worn on the other end of the body.

Do you or your partner favour any special footwear while giving or receiving a spanking? Do certain types of shoes or boots add to your enjoyment of the experience?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to weigh in, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

My answer is a boring one sorry. Footwear has never really featured in our spankings. More often than not I'm not wearing any at the time.


QBuzz said...

I find that spanking (or any kind of intimate play) is only made more titillating if the lady involved is wearing high heels... and my partner is happy to oblige :D
During our relationship she has also developed quite the fetish for me wearing smart shoes and dress socks/sock garters during spanking - with or without the accompanying smart suits etc...

Bernie said...

Your question resurrects a fantasy of mine. I'd like to be spanked while wearing my cowboy boots with pressed jeans and underpants down around my ankles. A souvenir pic or two would also be great. Thanks for the great question.

kdpierre said...

Heavens no! Bare feet for both parties. Not only does it allow for some post-spanking toe-smooches, but it lets those tired doggies breathe! ;-)

Minielle Labraun said...

I’m usually barefoot. I suppose I may try heels next time and see if he enjoys them.

Anonymous said...

I remember once using her slippers, boy did she complain afterwards, said her bottom had never been so sore. I now use one of her slippers.

Anonymous said...

I’m the one who gets spanked, and I never wear any shoes or socks. It just diminishes the experience for me.

Irene dresses up in many ways, often changing her clothes several times during these activities, but only sometimes wears shoes.

When we were first together she had a pair of reddish brown leather boots which I loved. I was nervous, but I asked her if she would wear them in bed. Of course, she said, if you would like it. How wonderful it was for me thank she embraced my (relatively minor) kink.

But Irene has bunions, so no longer has many shoes that are at all sexy. So shoes in the bedroom are mostly a thing of the past.


WendelJones said...

We are too busy concentrating on each other's bare bottom to notice footwear. I did spank the Misses once with her slipper but did not find it effective enough.

DaddyCat said...

As an ex-shoe salesman, I have to admit to a shoe fetish. I love the way high heels accentuate a Woman's legs. From a scene perspective, when I hosted spanking parties, Women and Men often dressed to impress and the sight of a Woman otk her pump encased feet dangling in mid air was and is still very intoxicating.

I am very lucky that my play partners willingly indulge my love of heels as much as they indulge my love of sheer pale blue panties on their delicious bottoms.

Bonnie said...

No, but yes. Shoes are not a primary feature of our spanking adventures, but they sometimes enter into the festivities as part of a role play. For example, a naughty cheerleader probably wears sneakers. A misbehaving secretary might wear pumps. I've been spanked with my own slipper more than once. More often, though, I'll wear just footies or socks or nothing on my feet, but when shoes aid the cause, then I will wear shoes.


I never ask a spanker to wear any particular kind of shoes. Although I can appreciate that a pair of heels can add to the dynamic of a female power outfit, I do prefer the freedom of movement that more comfortable footwear affords an administrator. The best is when a top starts off in a pair of heels and then, when I have been positioned, I hear clunk clunk as the heels come off and I know that she can take a run up, if she so desires. That is the best of both worlds :) Myself I am usually in trainers or bare foot but on the odd occasion that I am asked to dress for the occasion I do enjoy donning a highly polished pair of black, men's formal shoes. It makes a nice change.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that before we were dating we were flirting quite a bit for almost a year (our boss was her boyfriend but it never seemed to be serious for her - long story).

Irene was wearing a pair of wooden clogs. I picked her up and turned her upside down. She screamed and accidentally kicked me in the face and split my face open with her wooden shoe. Irene felt bad of course, but I admitted it was my fault.

We flirted on and off for 6 months of so after then, when Irene and the boss guy were broken up, I made my move. The boss guy decided that he wanted her back and it got unpleasant. I quit immediately (did not need the money) but she stayed a little longer as she did need the income - never an ounce of worry on my part since Irene was clearly glad to be rid of him.

This was 40 years ago. My first spanking took place not long after we got together.

I don't think getting kicked in the face with the wooden clog is what brought us together, but you never know.

- Rosco