Friday, August 13, 2021

Computer Troubles part 2

I didn't manage to fix the laptop so I took it to a nearby computer repair shop. I hadn't been there before, but the place I had gone to for years went out of business. I explained the problem, the technician typed some things on the laptop's keyboard, and lo and behold, it was working again! The best part was he didn't charge me anything for the fix. That's my go-to place from now on.

This morning, while I was watching the latest news on, the screen of our desktop computer suddenly went yellow, then black. I peered under the desk and caught the puppy busily chewing on the monitor's cable. He was supposed to be enjoying a Nylabone (beef flavour) but he had opted for something juicier.

I thought I would have to buy a new monitor as the cable was not fixable, but Ron suggested checking to see if the cable disconnected from the monitor. Sure enough it did. So after breakfast I took a trip to a nearby electronics outlet and half an hour later the new cable was installed and all was well again. Tomorrow the puppy will be in a crate in the computer room instead of roaming freely. 

I think we will have to make plans to protest our Christmas tree in December. Here are some ideas we might consider.

We still wouldn't want to be dogless again.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Oh puppies, bless them, but it seems you can't take your eyes off them. Glad you managed to get the laptop sorted and replace the cable easily.

Love the pics. Some very inventive solutions lol


Fondles said...

Gosh i remember when our doggo was a pup, one day the internet just stopped working. We checked the modem and the connections and all was fine. We rang the internet service provider and they tried trouble shooting but to no avail.

They promised to send someone over the next day. We said ok.

I decided to clear out the other extension wire behind the curtain on the floor so the man wouldn't have to deal with extra cables. That was when we found that the internet cable had been chewed in two.

We rang them back and said we fixed the problem.

kdpierre said...

I know people like dogs and dog owners are particularly fond of these beasts, but I truly, inherently dislike dogs even though I once tried having one as a pet. Disaster! I keep snakes and fish and find they are prettier, quieter, cleaner, don't smell, and I never have to pet-proof my Christmas Tree.

I don't mind cats and used to have several over the years, but now I prefer to just visit my daughter's cat and play with it and let her clean up the hair.

I guess people find reasons to like dogs, but for me, when I hear these stories of peeing and chewing, and barking, and etc. etc. etc., I just think: 'if you let an animal roam around your house, you have to kind of realize there's an ANIMAL roaming around your house.' LOL

Baxter said...

We have had two Samoyed rescues and they both got over their issues and became great dogs. Always enthusiastic and ready to go for a walk or a ride. In the winter, having the dog laying on the bed between us was great as they were furnaces. But both were grown dogs and never chewed on cables.

ronnie said...

I still miss having a dog around, but we decided years ago when our GM got old and past that we wouldn't have another one.

Pictures made me laugh. Thanks.


Hermione said...

The past four months are the longest we've ever been without a doggo, Because of covid, dogs are virtually unavailable. He's also the youngest we've ever had. The puppy stage doesn't last long, and it was really my fault he chewed the wires because I was busy with the internet and wasn't watching him. I should be spanked for that!


Anonymous said...

Glad the computer troubles were only minor. Cute ideas to protect Christmas trees, but cats can jump when they want to.
bottoms up