Monday, August 2, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 1

Which hurts more: the hand or the bottom?

Jack: My bottom, my wife uses a bath brush.

Bernie: My spanker has complained about her hand hurting even when I'm barely warmed up. It makes for a quick trip to the toy drawer.

Wendel: Thinking it has to do with how you spank. We spank bare bottom so there is nothing in the way. I can spank for a long time without it bothering my hand so I am pretty sure the Misses’ bottom hurts a lot more. Maybe if I had to go through a pair of jeans my hand might hurt more. 

Rosco: I don’t think Irene has ever used her hand. It wouldn’t be effective (though she did spend much of the last two days working hard with a shovel).

She has arthritis, so we’ve had to find round- rather than flat-handled whips and paddles. And she’s had to learn to swing the quirt so there’s no backlash.

Having said all that, her spankings are deliciously intense on the bottom end.

Roz: Rick always used to say that with a hand spanking,as much as his hand is spanking my bottom, my bottom is also spanking his hand.

KDPierre: I'm sorry if this sounds cold, but I think this a "duh" issue. If a spanker's hand ends up hurting more than the targeted behind it just serves the spanker right for missing the obvious solution. It's like not using an oven mitt to take the roast out of the oven: you got burned? well......duh. Life lesson. LOL

A hand spanking does nothing to me. Nothing. Zip. If a spanker INSISTS that they can get through to me with just their hand, despite me warning them to reconsider, then I have zero sympathy if they end up more punished than me. Fortunately I know of none in my life who stuck with their hand for very long. And if it's a M/f "macho thing"? LOL even less sympathy. It's like in the days before GPS when a lost male refused to ask for directions. You get what you deserve. ;-)

A.J.: Met this fun woman years ago. Loved being spanked.

First time I had her otk, I hand spanked her first over her jeans, then panties, then bare.
Her reaction? Zero. Could have been doing a crossword puzzle.
Her bottom? Barely a light pink.
So I doubled down!


Bare bottom - doubled down again! Really smacking her hard and fast!

Nothing. NOTHING!

After about 200-300 good smacks I had to stop - because my hand hurt!!

How bad? I spanked her on Tuesday and my hand was still sore, SWOLLEN, and BRUISED on Saturday. Four days later! Literally, the palm of my right hand had turned a bit of black and blue, and I was forced into coming up with some lie should a friend ask, "How did you get that bruise on your hand?" (My lie: Playing handball. Bad glove.)

I told her how sore my hand was after, and she said it was because she was Asian and Asians have bottoms "like leather." Her words. (Not sure if that is a universal truth. More "research" is required - and I'm ready to do my part)

Next time, I told her, I might have to use some "tool" and had her, as a fun exercise, to go though the things in her apartment and find something that I can use to spank her. (That was fun! Her looking into everything wearing only a t-shirt! Cute as it was funny. You had to be there.) She had a small paddle, a hairbrush, of course a belt, and a fierce looking bath brush. I opted for the hairbrush, but since she too liked the bare hand, I used it sparingly. 

Prefectdt: It depends on who is doing the spanking. The hardest hand spankings, that I have ever received were from a Dutch, professional, disciplinarian called Femke Vandendijk. She defeated my rear end with nothing but her hand and her palm was never even pink afterwards. But a couple of weeks ago, I got a hand spanking, that did not make it to the end of the second minute, because the spankers hand was hurting too much. I suspect this is all to do with experience and how hardy the spanker's hand has become.

Valerie: In my case, it's my bottom! My husband will switch to an implement if his hand starts to hurt. Hair brush, bath brush, wooden spoon, etc! Saves his hand but not my butt. 

Anon: I agree with KD's comments. In my case, my wife uses a wooden paddle I made for her, and, naturally, it hurts my bottom and not her hand. Fine with me since I liked to be spanked.

Hermione: Ron never uses his hand, but if he did I suspect that my bottom would still end up hurting more.

That's all, folks!
From Hermione's Heart

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Cindy never uses the hand now, as it hurt her more than it ever hurt me. Thus, an assortment of implements are easily available for her
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