Friday, August 20, 2021

You Completed the Caption

Anon: I told my son you needed a spanking, several times, well daughter-in-law Mommy knows best. At your age, being spanked like a naughty little girl. 

Baxter: Top: Oh stop trying to get away and your fake crying as it is Wednesday, the same day every week that I give you a spanking. I know you enjoy these spankings as much as I enjoy spanking your fat round bottom and making it very red.
Bottom: Yes, yes, I do enjoy the spankings on my naughty round bottom. I just wish you would spank me on other days, not just Wednesdays. 

KDPierre: "Oh stop with all this 'who's younger/who's older' nonsense, or 'who's the maid and who's the lady of the house' or for that matter any other stereotype for why things should be the other way around. The fact that you agree to be spanked by your younger, poorer, less-educated housekeeper so easily is proof enough that everything is just as it should be!" 

Prefectdt: Now I will prove to you that Keaton is better than Chaplin, with some proper slapstick!

Jeanie: That's it, I've had it with the salespeople at this supposedly "high class" department store! The first salesgirl brought me a pair of granny panties when I requested to see what lingerie they had that was sexy! Now you bring me a slipper that's three sizes too big. The only thing a shoe this big is good for is covering your deserving bottom with spanks! Take that, and that, and this, and that! Yes, slipper spankings hurt like the dickens, don't they, young lady?

Rosco: You tart! You're nothing but a wanton trollop? I'll teach you to wiggle your tushy when you walk past my husband. You're going home with a red bottom and no panties. I hope you're learning a lesson - if not, it will be twice as hard next time AND I will take pictures.

Ronnie: I've told you time and time again, not to borrow my shoes. Maybe this will help you remember.

Barrel: We have talked about never leaving this house without your seams being completely straight. Well you did it again. Maybe this thrashing will straighten you out. Prepare for a long and hard spanking. 

Hermione: I'm sorry I read your diary, Mama. I promise I won't tell Papa that I know he spanks you.

I wondered who would notice the shoe in the domme's hand.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

It is so unseemly for, Me, the mistress of the house the have to submit to being disciplined by the maid. I'm so glad the rest of society can't see me.

Max said...

Sorry if I broke some rule with my comment.
all the best,

Unknown said...

I love this image. Are you able to tell me where it is from please? I would love to get a copy for my husband.

WendelJones said...

Customer: I am glad you suggested trying these out first before buying. I think I need a half size bigger.
Sales Clerk: Ouch! Me and my big mouth.

Hermione said...

Unknown - You can copy the image from this post. Right-click on the image then choose "Copy image" and paste it wherever you want.