Monday, August 16, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 15

This week we discussed distractions, and this is what you said:

Jack: I just asked my wife that question, she smiled and said she could think of nothing.

Wendel: The biggest distraction is when family arrives whether planned or unplanned. For planned events we sometimes like to paddle prior to anyone arriving. There have been a few times when they arrived early and we are forced to stop. I remember getting one good paddling from the Misses when the doorbell rang. It was her sister. She didn’t stop immediately, instead gave me another dozen rather hard smacks on the bottom then went to answer the door. It hurt to put pants back on and even more painful to sit and chat. 

When the phone rings during a spanking we do not stop. If it is important they will leave a message.

Roz: Our biggest issue with distractions in the past has been with phone calls that couldn't be ignored or knocks on the door. When it happens I find it difficult to maintain the headspace for spanking.

Jeanie: When I read your topic about "abandoning a spanking due to any distractions" I thought HELL. As in hell, no, nothing could do so, or only when hell freezes over. 

Examples: I visited San Francisco recently. For the week while I was there, we did not experience an earthquake. (I worried about this constantly the entire visit, talked about contingency plans for every situation, including spanking.) But if we had, I'm sure that the maniac I was with would've just kept spanking me. (As my host explained, we might as well die happy.) 

I did visit Los Angeles years ago, staying in the Hollywood Hills when there was a brush fire. We did not have to evacuate. We watched it from the deck of the house, where my lover bent me over the railing and gave me a playful spanking. I really wanted him to give me a scorching, but he refused. It was still sexy having my butt bared outside and swatted when other people could see (if they happened to look). 

A different lover's phone once rang while he was giving me a long punishment. He answered this phone call, explained to a male friend on the other end of the line that he was strapping me, and let him listen to me take several strap licks. Topping that, once when we were at my apartment and playing, there was a knock at the door. I asked from over my man's knee who it was and the two young men answered that they were proselyting for the Jehovah's Witnesses. I was made to answer the door with just a dish towel in front of my crotch and a hand across my bare breasts, and explain to the shocked guys that I was getting a spanking. I think I corrupted these two!

The other side of the coin is my perspective. If I know I'm going to get a good spanking, I get in that special head space to gear up for what is to come, and for the make-up sex afterwards, and I would be mad as hell to have that taken away abruptly (unless for a hell of a good reason).

Red: I doubt anything has stopped a spanking while in progress. Telephones can be ignored, and if important they will leave a message. Really different to hear someone talking, leaving a message, while you are being spanked. It is as though they are there watching, and still talking about something else. Weird and wonderful. My mind sometimes wanders to " what if they could hear us".

Rosco: Irene usually ties me up and she’s generally in no hurry to finish a spanking. In fact, our foreplay often includes three or four spankings over the course of an hour. Between them she’ll talk on the phone sometimes.

We’re pretty good at planning so we don’t get interrupted by visitors. But once we had an intruder in our backyard. Irene quickly untied me, I threw on some clothes and chased the guy away. Then we went back to business.

Ronnie: For us it's the unplanned family visit or someone knocking at the door. We don't tend to stop if either of our phones ring.

Hermione: If the phone rings, we let it go to voicemail. If someone knocks on the door, we stop, lest they hear the noise. Then we are usually too concerned with who it might have been to carry on.

We were worried that our new puppy might start fussing while we were otherwise engaged, so we gave him a Kong with peanut butter and a treat inside, plus a carrot stick, then turned on the tv for him to listen to. We closed the bedroom door and I tried not to make too much noise. We were able to complete our mission plus aftercare successfully. So much for Ron's complaint the day after we brought him home: "We'll never have sex again!"

Thanks for taking the time to join the conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

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