Monday, August 23, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 22

What personal preparations do you make before a spanking? 

KDPierre: Well I ALWAYS make sure I'm showered, but I think that's just basic consideration. And because I can become a bit hirsute in places better groomed to be bald, I will periodically buzz the excess so that none of my spankers have to worry that PETA is going to think they're abusing a chimpanzee.

Avoiding too lengthy a spanking if feeling a bit gaseous is also considerate. ;-)

Baxter: Since I ask for the spankings, I merely hand my wife a paddle or she grabs the riding crop and I get into position and away we go, looking for a good prime number of spanks.

Jeanie: In terms of clothing, I have some very sexy & very expensive Agent Provocateur lingerie that puts me in a receptive mood, but I insist that I'm allowed to take it completely off before we start playing, so it doesn't get ruined.

I also have a short, pleated, plaid skirt that I wear with white cotton briefs, a white blouse with Peter Pan collar, and knee-socks. That "schoolgirl look" has gotten my bottom spanked more than any bratty backtalk or behavior I could ever come up with.

In terms of other preparations, years ago I dated a guy who told me he was "very into all the rituals of discipline." I didn't know what he meant. Once we were in his apartment, he asked me to strip naked and sit on the edge of his bed. He sat behind me and brushed my hair back, then tied it into a ponytail with a black velvet ribbon. It kept my hair out of my eyes when he put me over his knee. He also made a big deal of rolling up his shirt sleeve before the first swat on my bottom with that hairbrush. It was highly-charged the first time he did it, but it was VERY erotic every subsequent time he spanked me. I knew exactly what I had in store, and this closely-adhered-to ritual got me extremely excited!

Wendel: We don’t prep much. The spankings just typically happen. I do like when the Misses has a skirt on. Something about pulling up her skirt and lowering her panties when over my lap just makes it that much more fun. 

Anon 1: When my wife decides I have earned myself a spanking she merely says; spanking position.
That means, I have to shower immediately, then I have to wear one of my female spanking panties, report downstairs by standing in the punishment corner with my nose against the wall waiting for my punishment…..which makes me very, very nervous because she knows how to use her hairbrush.

Anon 2: My wife spanks me twice a week with a long-handled wooden paddle that I made for her to use. I am always bare, and laying face-down on our bed. These spanking are quite painful, but are never for discipline. I welcome them. 

Roz: Apart from the occasions where spanking was spontaneous I would always make sure I was freshly showered and wearing nice lingerie.

Ronnie: Not really as spanking just happen, but if told I'm going to be spanked later, then I make sure I'm wearing nice knickers.

Bonnie: Sometimes. If the spanking is planned in advance and has a specific theme, I will dress and prep for my role. Otherwise, I just try to look attractive. 

Barrel: It is normal for my wife to wear lingerie as part of our regular marital relations. When she decides to spank or punish, she selects a more stern look (black or black-seamed stockings). If I am to be restrained, she will select my favorite stockings (white or white-seamed) so she can then stand in front of me, prior to going over the bench and make me ask that my punishment be long and intense. Occasionally, if she really wants to get in my head in advance of an extended session, she will make me wear panties or pantyhose every day for 2 or 3 days. 

Prefectdt: I usually have to travel to get spanked, so a set of directions is essential. Otherwise, shower, put on fresh clothes, especially underwear and have a shallow colonic clean out. No one appreciates a spankee with skid marks.

Sometimes, I take toys and pervertables with me, but I always take along a stomach full of butterflies :)

Hermione: I make sure I am wearing pretty panties, even though they will soon be coming off. I freshen up, put on cologne and brush my teeth. Ron takes the little blue pill an hour before.

Thanks for sharing those details with us all!

From Hermione's Heart

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