Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Computer Troubles

I had an awful time getting online this morning. We had a huge thunderstorm last night. It terrified our new puppy, but there wasn't much we could do to console him so he howled in his crate until the storm passed. Then in the morning I tried to turn on the laptop for music and nothing happened. With our desktop it was the same deal.  I couldn't imagine taking both machines in to be serviced, especially as the power had only gone off for a second or two. I finally got the desktop to work after I crawled under the desk and, aided by the puppy who thought it was all great fun, I switched both power bars off then on. That did the trick!

I'm pretty proud of myself for reviving the computer, and here are some ideas that the creators can be proud of too.


Now I'll have another go at reviving the laptop. Wish me luck!
From Hermione's Heart


Baxter said...

You should have the puppy in bed with you. When we had dogs, any storms or fireworks, all 70 pounds of Samoyed would be right between us, wanting pets. No sleep then.

I bet the vending machine wouldn't refund money. But then I have had vending machines keep twisting and I end up with an arm full of snacks. It all works out over time.

Good luck with your laptop.

PK said...

Good luck on the other computer. I like these signs!

kdpierre said...

Some cool developments there. I like the vending machine one best and think it was long overdue, but probably not that difficult with our current technology. The one I would not rely upon is the avocado tag. Avocadoes are a bit more tricky than just looking at color. I'm lucky in that Rosa is like an "avocado whisperer" and can eerily tell the state they are in. I'm learning but I still get it wrong too often to be reliable.

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

Firstly, ooh puppy! Poor little guy. When my ex and I had dogs we crate trained them as puppies and I highly recommend it.

Glad the switch off and on again trick worked and hope you were successful with the laptop. Some great inventions. Love the 'nope' sign lol


ronnie said...

Hermione, thanks. Made me smile. Hope you've managed to get your laptop working.


morningstar said...

ugh computer troubles is SO frustrating and stressful..... I was sitting here grinning over the puppy helping you crawl under the table.

Eldest daughter has an 11 year old lab mix who gets SO stressed with loud noises he shakes and quakes .. his heart pounds. The vet has just given them some pill that they can give him when the big scary noises happen.... it seems to help calm him down.

Barrel said...

We have a 100 lb golden retriever that starts shaking an hour before a storm and then paces until the storm is over. So stressful for all of us.

Our son taught us to not only turn off the power strip but unplug the device we were having problems with. Something like completely discharging any residual energy...I don’t know but it worked that time. Good luck

Anonymous said...

fun post! Ancient solution of turn the poser off, count to ten, and put the power back on. (from the days of the first computers)