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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 8

Belts: love them or hate them? This simple question prompted an enthusiastic response.

Baxter: My wife has encouraged me to wear a belt on my jeans, especially when traveling to Europe, so that she has a ready implement to spank me with. During our latest trip to Wyoming, she encouraged me to buy a real leather belt made out of bison and I dutifully wear it with shorts and jeans every day. She wanted me to have a better belt than those I used to wear to work. She has yet to request that I take it off for her to spank me, but I am sure it will happen. I may have to ask.

Jeanie: One word summary to this week's topic of belts: LOVE! I LOVE being stropped! If someone is going to use an implement on me (for offences more serious than a hand spanking can address), the belt is my favorite one. I love thick ones that leave a wide swath of stinging warmth across my butt. I love thin ones that hurt and feel like they're cutting as deeply into my tender flesh as into my fertile imagination. Besides the sensuality of the pain turning to an incredible warmth (and the marks that a belt leaves which can make for some marvelous bruises), I love the satisfying sound of a belt cracking across my backside. When given permission to scissor my thighs together while being soundly strapped, I can easily orgasm from all of these sensory elements. 

You ask about experiences, Hermione... I once gave a boyfriend a thick leather belt I bought at an arts & crafts fair. In my dorm room he thanked me and started to put it on. I stopped him by saying that wearing it was the belt's second function, and I turned, lowered my jeans and underwear, and got a really memorable belt whipping. I had a boyfriend who would rub Neatsfoot Oil on my bared butt and systematically leather me with every belt in his wardrobe to condition the leather. The moisture made it sting all the more, his applying more oil drove me mad with lust. As he'd finish with each belt, he'd toss it onto the bed in front of my face, and I'd sniff each one and try to keep from climaxing. 

I don't have a lover/Top at present. When feeling this loss at bedtime, I have self-spanked, most successfully by swinging one of my belts around my hip in each direction. I end up with more wrap-around marks than ones where I'd prefer them across my bum crack, but it's better than nothing.
Great topic, Hermione; thanks for the memories!

Jack: I have only been spanked once with a belt and it was not from my wife 'mommy'. We were visiting a friend, lived outside of town. I had messed up, the friend said I needed a spanking, my wife agreed. To the woodshed I heard, I said what, the friend grabbed my arm and to the wood shed. Pull down your pants, underpants she said sternly and doing as told, I was then told to bend over the chair, and I felt the sting of a belt, I turned and sure enough she was holding a belt. I was told I was getting ten and best count and not move. When she stopped, I slowly stood up, crying, off with the clothing young man and I soon was naked and very well marked bottom and back to the house.

Rosco: Irene uses a belt once in a while, perhaps mostly when we’re traveling and don’t have any toys handy.

It seems there are two types of belts (for spanking) - wide and thin.

A wide belt is kept flat, akin to a leather paddle or strap. If you’re struck inadvertently with the edge, you may get more than you bargained for.

A thin belt is more like a whip - no real edges. Perhaps, it’s less common, but an early girlfriend removed such a belt when she was taking her pants off and shyly whispered “this is my whip”. I was too shy to respond and the moment passed, and I don’t know which end of the whip I might have been on. Many regrets either way.

Roz: The sight and thought of the belt definitely makes the tummy tingle. In reality though, it is both a welcome implement and one to be dreaded depending on how it is used.

Simon: There's something about a lady either taking off her own belt or ordering you to hand her yours that sends a tingle down my spine, and possibly to other parts as well. Sadly it's only happened on a few occasions but they were all memorable.

Mary: When we came to an agreement that my wife should spank me when she thought I needed it, we discussed limits. I was terrified that a hard instrument like a paddle or a hairbrush would do real damage to my skinny little butt. Once I expressed that fear, my wife was concerned that she night not feel free to let go when giving it to me.

So we decided that I would get the belt when I was bad. I have a 1.75" wide belt that I wear almost the time. Sometimes I think that I made a mistake. The sting brings tears to my eyes and the marks on my behind and my legs last for days. But my wife has no interest in renegotiation. So I get what I agreed to.

Anon: No stranger to the belt, but just the thought of having to get a whuppin' with one gives me the willies. When we're at home its OTK with the hairbrush over her knee on a regular basis. The belt requires a very long hour drive to her parents and a walk that seems like eternity out to the barn so she can wail the tar out of my bare butt. MiL really enjoys sitting on porch and listening to the howls coming from the barn.

Prefectdt: I love belts. They come in so many varieties. Thick ones, thin ones, supple ones and stiff ones. I have been belted more times than I can remember. Belts are also the most discreet pervertable, that you can carry with you. I always look forward to getting belted.

My last belting was only a few weeks ago, but it was part of a very light spanking, as it was from an inexperienced Top who, sensibly in my opinion, did not want to go too hard until she had more practice. Luckily, it was with a very stiff and sturdy belt, so I still felt it.

Barrel: We have never used belts, and now that I think about it, I don’t know why. Our first implement was a riding crop, and we have amped it up from there. However, I do appreciate this feedback and can see a belting in my future. I have a wide and thick belt, my favorite as the buckle is adorned with large turquoise stones, that should be a great starter. Thanks for the great question. 

Enzo: Responding from the point of view of the spanker - the belt is my second favorite instrument; the smell, the feel and the sound of it. Yet it has its specific place. It is never used for "funishments". It is always used in relation to a punishment spanking. There are a lot of connotations that come with the belt which is a big part of what makes it so particularly appealing in domestic discipline settings.
(I thought I had posted a story which refers to the belt and its associations but for some reason I can't seem to find it at the moment)

QBuzz: The belt is my favourite! I own several leather belts of various thicknesses, and they all get good use across our asses.

Unlike many who've commented, I seem to 'enjoy' a belt-whipping more than most, as I often receive it as a 'treat' at the end of a session after the paddle/cane/strap

A.J.: As a spanker I'm not a fan, but the psychological effect on her and I when there is THAT SOUND that comes from a belt coming from the loops of the spanker's pants - WOW!

That said, I used it rarely and even then, very lightly.

On the receiving end, the same and just as rare. Perhaps better than a hairbrush. But, like anything else, it's a tool; in the right hands perfect, in the wrong - RUN! I think I have been lucky.

Wendel: A whipping with the belt is one of my favorite things. It is a rush when the Misses asks for my belt. Once I hand it to her I have to drop my pants and bend over. I love the sound and the sting. Excitement runs through my body when I tell the Misses she is going to get a whipping. I love watching her pull her pants down and then bend over while I remove my belt from my waist and love watching the red stripes appear on her bare fanny. 

It has been over a week since the Misses last whipped me. I got 25 good licks on the bottom. It hurt for over a day and the marks stuck around longer. I just gave the Misses a whipping Friday. She still complains that her bottom hurts and I can still see the marks. 

Loki_Darksong: Belts have been the traditional implement of choice in regards to men and the household discipline that they must do from time to time. It is a symbol of our authority.

I still have yet to find that perfect one due to my small waist size. But I hope to have the right one someday.

Rich Person: I agree with Enzo that the belt has definite connotations. I think it has a connotation of severity that's more than a spanking or the paddle, but less than the cane. It is typically a little more severe than a crop or a switch.

The belt also suggests domestic use. And, I would associate it with the woodshed, where you're not going for a spanking. You're going for a whuppin'.

I have two belts in my bag for common use. One is thicker and stiffer. This is the punishment belt. That's what it's called, and that's what it's used for. The other is softer, and it is more for sensation.

The severity can also vary depending on where it lands. On the butt, it is usually milder, but on the thighs it can be very painful. It can also be used (carefully) on the breasts.

Loki_Darksong might consider getting a belt simply for pleasure/pain, and not to wear.

Hermione: I love belts; they give me that shivery sensation that;s a combination of excitement and apprehension. I have a wide, supple belt that was hand-tooled. It came from a thrift shop and I like to imagine that it had become soft and supple through regular applications on some fortunate person;s buttocks.

Have a great week, everyone!
From Hermione's Heart

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