Sunday, December 4, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #464

The holiday season is well under way, as you can tell from the endless repetition of seasonal music in every mall and store. Oh well, earplugs do the job. I promise this brunch will be soundless.

Given the choice, would you rather have a regularly scheduled spanking or a random surprise otk spanking in an unexpected location?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion early next week.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Bonnie said...

I'll choose the regular schedule as long as the time between appointments is short.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could choose, showed this to my wife, she laughed. Reminded me best really be good this holiday season. She then sternly said, remember last year, I did, got out of line and was thankful my mother-in-law was the only one present at the time. I not only got a sound spanking from my 'Mommy', but my mother-in-law the next day insured I was properly spanked. Jack

Jean Marie said...

This is SUCH a GREAT question! I've been thinking about it for several hours, as I ran errands, and I'm still not totally sure of my answer.
Generally, I gravitate toward order and routine, so the regularly scheduled spankings sounded best. I like the proviso that Bonnie stipulated, that it not be too long between them, for my taste about once every two days or so, at least.
But then I began thinking about the spontaneous nature of my love-life, and that key detail "in unexpected locations." I sometimes LOVE a spanking while I'm still sore and marked from the last one. I LOVE it when others may be suspecting what we're up to. Most of all, I LOVE to think that it could be happening somewhere exotic or especially romantic. Could that unexpected location also be beyond the confines of the lower portion of my bottom? (My bottom can take it hard, but other places really enjoy lighter attention.) There is just too much wonderfully uncharted territory in the second option to pass it up. I have to choose Door # 2.

KDPierre said...

I can't see any reason not to enjoy both. LOL

But if pressed, I like the idea of being able to mentally prepare myself for what's coming with something scheduled. Surprises can just as easily come at the 'wrong time' mentally as the 'right time'. Too chancy.

Anonymous said...

I prefer having a regular schedule but with occasional "surprises" thrown in. No need to choose between the two. Graham

Roz said...

I vote for both lol. Regular spankings but some surprises brings spontaneity:)



In the fantasy world, in my head, the surprise spanking wins, hands down. In real life, taking into consideration getting mentally and physically prepared, the regular planned spanking gets my vote. When the pants come down, I like to be presenting a clean and nice smelling bottom, and that takes preparation :)


WendelJones said...

Yes to both. We love the excitement of the spontaneous spanking with no time to get ready and also the excitement that builds as it gets closer to the spanking we know is coming.

Barrel said...

I vote for regular spankings as long as the interval was short and we stuck to the routine. That way she would spank me more than she does. And I agree with previous comments about getting mentally prepared. That’s a big one for me. Throw in an unplanned surprise and it can’t get any better than that.


Mark said...

I'm also in the both camp! I'd worry that the random would be too seldom for me. Being in the right frame of mind is nice, but I find it pretty awesome when I'm not but am spanked anyway.

Ronnie Soul said...

Both for me. Regular with plenty surprise spankings in between🙂