Friday, December 9, 2022

Friday FUN

For those of you who liked the old version of Windows photo in my last post, remember Clippie?

If that was before your time, he was a little helper at the bottom of the screen that you clicked on if you needed some assistance.

In later versions, there were more office assistants to choose from.

Windows was much more fun back then. It's too bad there wasn't a paddle to inspire you to work harder and stop playing with Clippie and company. I usually chose the dog. Which one would you choose?

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Jean Marie said...

I'm a dog person, at least in general. I also find the Einstein cute (have always had a thing for older men). Cute post, you are SO tech savvy (and I am SO not)!


None of them. I always found Clippy and his mates next to useless.


Roz said...

Oh yes, I remember clippie and friends lol, I don't remember finding them much help either. The cat or dog for me.