Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This will attract the tourists

This roadside sign near our nation's capital should attract plenty of passing vacationers. The pictures indicate that there are churches, boat ramps and grocery stores in the area, and that you can eat, fill up your tank, and get spanked.
Spanking on Parliament Hill? Who knew?

(I think it's a picture of a spanking. It could represent something else, but I prefer to think it's intended as a spanking symbol.)
From Hermione's Heart


Kaki said...

I thought it looked like something else, then I read your last line so I guess I wasn't the only one. What is it supposed to mean ? LOL that is so funny.

Throck said...

Is that for real, or is it photoshoped? I have to know what that symbol really means. Never been to Ottawa. Must be an interesting place.


Em said...

Aside from the obvious naughty possibilities, it sort of looks like someone giving the heimlich, though why you'd advertise that, I don't know ;)

ronnie said...

LOL Hermione. Ottawa sounds like a fun place to holiday. Definitely a spanking symbol :)


Erica said...

ROFL! Em beat me to it... I was going to suggest that it looked like either he's, well, doing her from behind, or giving her the Heimlich maneuver. I'm not quite seeing spanking -- no raised hand!

Hermione said...

Kaki - I believe it was intended to be naughtier than I was prepared to say.

Throck - yes, it was shopped. Ottawa is ultra-conservative.

Em - In case of choking from laughter, I guess!

Ronnie - I thought so too, although I used my imagination a little.

Erica - I know, one arm is out of sight. It was a bit of poetic licence on my part. You know how we spankos are. When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


Anonymous said...

I am a bit gutted that was photo shopped. I choose to believe that it is real. Do not pop my bubble please.

Michael said...

LOL Another knee slapper, Hermione. Yes, I know you re thinking about another body part being slapped.

Mitch said...

I love it, Hermione. We down here in the US of A have our special signs, too. This is my favorite:


He should have been spanked.

Hermione said...

Poppy - Sorry about that. It might be real by now.

Michael - At night, with only headlights to help you see, your mind plays tricks.

Mitch - Thanks. That one was a hoot!


redxxx said...

another kinky Canadian