Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Completed the Caption

This picture proves that going to school can be fun. Above is the caption that appeared on Very Demotivational, and below are your suggestions.

Richard Windsor: "Hey froggie, how about I show you MY two red apples?"

Prefectdt: Having sprained her wrist, from all the thrashings that she had handed out to boys who fell asleep in class, Miss Rogers had to find an alternative method of keeping the lads awake during biology.

vfrat25000: Miss Penelope Pridewater finally gathered the courage to show her opinion of the latest teacher’s contract about the same time Buster Coogin’s frog escaped so everybody missed her protest.

In a rather twisted version of the Frog and the Prince, Prince Herman promised teacher Annabel Slappingworth if he could kiss a specific part of her anatomy he would turn back into a prince. Seeing this as a chance to get out of teaching Annabel quickly agreed.

Matthew Pendergast bet his best friend Chuck he could get Miss Straightlace to show her panties. Mathew won

Quiet reserved Benny decided from this day on his lifetime professional goal was to be a skin magazine photographer.

Welcome, vfrat25000. That's quite a contribution!

Season: I guess if you write it on the chalkboard it materializes. Apparently a cat and a dog are next. After school lets out for the day, Miss Whitebottom plans to write "spanking".

Six of the best: "For coming in late, Miss Evans. You deserve 'six of the best', with your knickers down, on your bare bottom," I shouted out most joyfully from my classroom seat.

Bonnie: After Miss Flotz paddled the class clown, we knew there had to be some sort of retribution.

Ronnie: "Jones, I told you next time you let your frog loose you wouldn't be able to sit for the rest of the day. Now please come and remove this animal and report to the Headmaster office."

Littlemonkey: That's Sir Prince to you, baby. Now pucker up...I'm going to need my thumbs to wield that paddle.

Fanz123: The Headmaster said, "Give me your hand, young lady, surely you're not frightened of a little frog."
Teacher: "What frog, it's the man eating spider on the desk."
Headmaster: "Well come down here and we'll get to the bottom of your problem, just like those red apples."
And so the teacher got a nice pair of red cheeks to match her apples and we never did discover how she thought the frog was a man eating spider.

Nice to meet you, Fanz123!

Red: Yippee! It is worth the caning I will get to see Miss Hermione is not wearing knickers...

Bobbie Jo: Oh no! Not again?! Richard!! You're not getting away with it this time. I'm going to turn your bottom as red as those apples on my desk! Now you take that frickin' frog out of this class room now!

Mr Upton Ogood: Ladies, especially ones like Sadie, our own Sunday school teacher, never fart. They "glow". After Saturday evening's baked-bean social, it seems, our very own Sadie "Glowed" so hard she blew a wandering frog clean off the desk.

Super powers are super powers, regardless of how odd. Don't you think?

I am Mr. Upton Ogood. You are welcome.

Thanks for joining us, Mr Ogood.

Richardmt: Oh, why do I always get the frog, but never the Prince?

Stephen: I thought I was supposed to kiss you !!!!

A warm welcome to you, Stephen.

Hermione:  Ooh, Sir, I deserve to be punished for being late, but frogs are too much! Please may I have the ruler instead?

I'll see you all next week, but not in the classroom. Let's call it a field trip.

From Hermione's Heart

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