Monday, June 2, 2008

What We Call Ourselves

Groups of us have a lot of interesting names!

A swish of spankers
A cry of spankees
A cane of spankees
A consent of spankees
A smart of spankees
A playtime of spankos
A cane of spankos
A swat of spankos
A rack of kinksters
A top of bottoms
A cane of bottoms
A round of bottoms
A bottom of tops
A cane of tops
A whip of Doms
A serving of subs
A bratting of subs
A whole lot of 'unconventional and loving it' people
Bottom Feeders
A spanking abutment

One reader was concerned that Ron might not like my offering one of his paddles to someone else. Trust me, he has plenty of others! And then there was the question of how to actually let you sample it.

I'm giving the prize to A bratting of subs.

But for p
articipating, I'm awarding you all six swats with the implement you own that most resembles this paddle.

Thank you all for playing.


Anonymous said...

new to your blog. I started the day with a smile. (actually i always do) Let's say: a larger smile. Thank you.


My new created "openId" does not seem to work. anonymous = delightedslave

Hermione said...

Welcome, delightedslave. Do come back often!


Unknown said...

Dear Hermione,

I think your choice was the right one. A bratting of subs is very good. And I'm glad you are not getting into trouble for the paddle.

Anonymous said...

Hermione, of course Ron could just replace that paddle and give it to you twice as hard! *WEG*

Greenwoman said...

Only six...? You are easy. LOL! *winks*

Hermione said...

jo - Ron thinks we have too many toys as it is.

Pest - Mmmm, that would be nice!

Greenwoman - The idea is to keep them coming back for more!


Jess said...

What a fun post



Pandora Blake said...

Oh, I like these! I think my favourites are a consent of spankees, a swat of spankos, a round of bottoms and a serving of subs. Although a bratting of subs is very good as well, I can see why it was your favourite :)

The poor spankers/Doms/tops haven't got many options though, have they? How about these:

a responsibility of Doms
a discipline of tops
a sadism of spankers

Excellent post, Hermione! Thanks for the smile and the food for thought. I love word games :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I came up with 'a bratting of subs', it still makes me laugh.

I am a bit far away to sample that pretty paddle living down under and considering we already have two I will make sure I get a licking from one or both in remembrance of this moment. Oh heck, what am I promising here?