Friday, September 19, 2008

Curse Those Spell Checkers!

Some websites use filters to replace a seemingly objectionable word such as "ass" with a less offensive alternative like "butt".
Unfortunately, the automated software that automatically replaces offensive words often replaces them regardless of whether they appear on their own or are embedded within a longer word.

This phenomenon has become known as "The Clbuttic Mistake".
Classic becomes clbuttic
Assassination becomes buttbuttination
Passport becomes pbuttport
Constitution becomes conbreastution
Assumption becomes buttumption
Title becomes breastle
Assets becomes buttets
Reassert becomes rebuttert
Embassy becomes embbutty
Embarrassed becomes embarrbutted
How ripenisulous!!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Buttbuttination is just clbuttic!

Pandora Blake said...

Buttbuttination sounds like a Playstation game :)

Brooke D said...

Maybe I'm just immature but this stuff totally cracks me up! By the time I was done with this post I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Thank you, Hermione, for your sense of humour and wit.

Michael said...

Too funny, Hermione. Thanks so much for giving me a good laugh. Breastle actally sounds like a term for when a girl first starts to develop.


Paul said...

Hermione, very funny, but unfortunately I seem to be suffering several bouts of dèja vu today.
Warm hugs,


That was a good laugh. Posts like this are a real buttet. They are the kid of thing that I like to think about when I am doing the vaorgasming. The level of the IQ of some if these programmers seems to be going down faster than the Breastanic.They should be forced to buttume the position and take some swats for their failed buttignments, perhaps that would make them more buttiduous in their future efforts.


Anonymous said...

Have to agree that "buttbuttination" is the best one... lol. Watched a movie on cable the other night... and they took the time to blot out a 2 second peak at a bare breast *in a dark swimming pool*. Yet later in the movie, there is a long discussion about oral sex that is left completely intact. Censorship gets silly even when it's not done with a mindless program. But "buttbuttination" definitely wins top prize!

Todd and Suzy

Jai said...

Heheh I had fun with this list :)

Hope you don't mind, but I find your blog immensely amusing and have added it to my blog roll. I am still kinda new to the spanko blogosphere! :)

Cigi said...

Love your blog, Hermione! I am sorry I don't comment much but this one I just had to! Have you ever seen anything so ridiculous in your life???

It was very amusing but I hope I don't come across any of that or I might have to send someone a nasty eamil for being annoying.


Anonymous said...

You can probably imagine the problems the good people of Scunthorpe have in using all sorts of internet search, spell checkers etc

Once again we are all being treated as children - I have just signed up to cable and there is no way of turning off the child protection (the lowest setting requires a code for 18 rated films before 10pm 15 films before 6 pm etc) which I would like to do as I am the only resident and a grown up!