Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Feel a Swat Coming On

According to the BBC, a fly can sense an impending swat, plan ahead, and ultimately avoid it.
We spankees could learn a thing or two from flies.


PK said...

Yes we could - but why would we want to?


Paul said...

Hermione, PK stole my words, naughty spankee.
And even if you could work out a plan to avoid your justified swats, any Dom worth his salt would be able foil any such plan. I don't mind swatting, but I won't squash my girl. LOL
Warm hugs,

OliviaManners said...

Thank you for making me giggle this morning Hermione!

It reminded me of those times when my spankings are in mid flow and my Disciplinarian can tell I am predicting the pace, so he will stop with me not knowing he has actually stopeed, and I will tense up my bottom cheek in anticipation of the next one, but it doesn't come when I expect it to...and then..it DOES! ... totally catching me out ;-)


Anonymous said...

Cute! :)

K said...

Looks like my thoughts are not original today. That's funny, but I'm with PK. I like my swats too much to avoid them.

Michael said...

I love those fly swatters in the shape of a hand, and I bet most swats from them are no where near a fly.



Well I've got one of those electric tennis bat thingys to deal with my fly problem. It may not be good to compare the difference of one of those for its use on a fly or a backside (hang on, thinks......), maybe in the right situation.........?


Hermione said...

PK - You never know. It might be useful someday.

Paul - Definitely no squashing allowed!

Olivia - Outwitting a Dom does sound like a challenge.

k - Okay, I confess, so do I.

Sara - Thanks.

Michael - We have one shaped like a plastic flip-flop. It's useless on flies.

Prefectdt - That sounds like a good dual purpose gift for Ron, the official fly- and bottom-swatter in our house.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I am late joining in. Unlike the fly-I always want to be caught :)
I run toward the fly swatter. Fun post.
I Gal