Wednesday, September 3, 2008


For some time now, I have been active in dog rescue. When a dog is placed in a new home where people will love and cherish him, we call that a forever home. If the dog was rescued from an abusive, neglectful or just plain ignorant situation, then it's especially important that he finds a home that he won't have to leave because his owners no longer want him around.
Birthdays are often forgotten or, in the case of many rescues, unknown, but the day a dog finds his forever home is usually remembered and celebrated as his "gotcha day".
Twenty-five years ago today, Ron found his forever home with me, and we began our new life together. We've had our share of ups and downs like any other couple, but there's no one I'd rather be with, and I know he feels the same about me. In spite of being from different planets, we definitely speak the same language when it counts.
Happy gotcha day to my favourite Martian, from his loving Venusian.


Paul said...

Hermione, I've celebrated a few gotcha days with a number of dogs, unfortunately abuse tends to shorten life, though they all lived to a reasonable age and were happy.
June 21st was our gotcha day, the day I married Mel forty-seven years ago, the best days work we ever did.
Even though she died nearly fifteen years ago, she is still very much a part of me.
Warm hugs,

Lady Koregan said...


Congratulations. It's been less than 5 for me and my best guy, but we're looking forward to getting where you are.

May there be many more years to come...and may spankings to celebrate them.

Ms. Betty

Anonymous said...

Sincere congratulations !!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Hermione and Ron!

Em said...

What a wonderful perspective on your anniversary. I've fostered a number of animals in the past year and it truly is a wonderful thing to see them find the right home. I'm so glad you & Ron found that with each other too.

Hermione said...

Thank you all for your good wishes. We went out for a delicious dinner to celebrate.


dwcmike said...

hermione; Congratulations...but I can't resist.. are you saying Ron is a dog that was rescued.. My apologies for saying that in advance.

Terpsichore said...

Congratulations! :-)