Sunday, September 7, 2008

Overheard at the Office

Last week I was called into my boss's office. I'll refer to that person as FoA (Figure of Authority).
As I walked in, the first thing I noticed was a large framed motivational poster hanging on the wall above FoA's desk. It said: DISCIPLINE. It's in you to give. Well, maybe it didn't say exactly that, but that's how I remember it.
FoA wanted to discuss a problem to do with a project I was working on. Certain members of the team were not cooperating.
"I'll speak to their manager and then we'll have to get out the stick," declared FoA. Yikes! Was FoA a spanko? We? Was the other manager one too? Or would I be given a stick to use? My mind reeled.
I managed to stammer, "Um, oh, right, the carrot and the stick."
"No, forget the carrot.We'll go with just the stick."
That was spanko speak alright. But not exactly an example of good management technique.


Lady Koregan said...

No, not good management, but boy can I sympathize. Nothing is quite as nerve-grating as misbehaving co-workers

Hope it works out.

Ms. Betty

Paul said...

Hermione, this reminds me of when I ran my agency from my home, when one or more of the staff were lallygagging, I'd think that just up the stairs and in our wardrobe the were a whole raft of things that would make them shake the lead out of their shoes.
Mel would look at me and say "not a good idea," Mel often felt those toys, but then she didn't need to and also enjoyed it.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

It does sure sound like FBA is a spanko and perhaps one of the managers is as well. You never know! Maybe a good spanking is what those misbehaving employees need.

dwcmike said...

Hermione: Take care my friend. This person may be aware of your surfing tendencies while at work, which I strongly recommentd you stop, and may be looking for your reactions.
If ever, Ron and you decide to reach out to other spankers, their are many better ways to slowly talk to others beyond this blog of like thinkers.

good luck