Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stirred, not Shaken

Recently I was doing some touch-up painting with some paint stored in the basement. I was able to shake the small can to stir the contents, but when I needed some paint from the large can, I had to go and find a paint stirrer. There were several among the painting supplies, and as I mixed the paint I fondly thought about the stick of wood I held in my hand.
A paint stirrer was our very first pervertable used for spanking. It was quite a few years ago, and Ron and I were redecorating. Each time we went out for more paint we would be given a free stirrer. I thought more and more about how much I wanted to feel that stick on my bare bottom. Going to the paint store became quite a turn-on for me. Finally I shyly asked Ron if he would spank me with our latest stirrer which was still unused. He thought that could be arranged, and took the pristine stick up to the bedroom.
We tried it out that night and boy, did it sting! It remained our only implement besides the dressage whip for many years. Then came the wooden spoon that Ron used to break our 2 1/2 year spanking fast. Once I began buying and experimenting with other implements, the stirrer - nicknamed the Golden Paddle by Ron, who painted it that colour - just didn't pack a sufficient wallop any more. So it sank to the bottom of the implement drawer and Ron hunted around for a substitute.
What did he come up with?
That's a story for
another day.


Anonymous said...

Aww, there's a place in life for things without the "sufficient wallop". Sometimes it's just nice to be spanked with something that won't make you very sorry very fast :)

We've never experimented with paint stirrers ('cause we're useless at DIY), but you're tempting me...

Terpsichore said...

I am sure we must have a pait stirrer around here somewhere... :-)

Terpsichore said...

that would be paint...I can spell - just not type fast... :-)

Paul said...

Hermione, I have never used a paint stirrer, but it's quite surprising how toy accumulate.
Before we knew it the wardrobe floor was covered with belts, canes, straps and other impliments of ass distructiom.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Cute post. We have paint stirrers and Max uses them on my inner thighs. We can sit beside each other in the car and nobody sees anything. It gives us an option when privacy is not available.

fanny said...

Your post reminded me of our recent trip to a DIY store. Hubs went to the paint counter to ask for a couple of the large paint stirrers (the ones for 5 gal. cans OUCH!) The man at the counter told him "Make sure your wife doesn't get hold of those!" Hubs assured the nice man that he wouldn't let that happen....

K said...

They have bigger ones for the 5 gallon cans? I didn't know.

Nice post, Hermione. It's nice when such mundane things provoke such sweet memories. We have many paint stirrers since we repainted all of the bedrooms in our new house recently. I don't remember if we tried any before Hubby declared them much too flimsy.

Brooke D said...

We,too began our spanking journey with a stir-stick from Home Depot after painting our daughter's room four(or was it five?)years ago. Back then I thought it packed a punch, but I bet I'd be laughing at it now. After facing a 3/4" thick, large solid wood bathbrush, how could a 1/6" flimsy stick have much of an effect? :)


Michael said...

Hi Hermione,

Nice post. Brought back warm memories of when I used a paint stirrer with my ex wife. We were just starting out so it was quite sufficient, and like Maryann I also used it on her thighs, also her breasts. Can't wait to hear what Ron came up with as a substitute.


dwcmike said...

Paimt stirrers. I totally agree, and they are useful for a quick spank in the store. Look forward ot what you next came up with... My problem.. I hate painting.

Hermione said...

Haron - Go ahead, try it. They're free!

Terps - I can't type fast either. Good luck in your search.

Paul - We have quite an assortment too. Ron hasn't tried them all yet.

Maryann - That sounds interesting.

Fanny -Do you think the man knew about their other purpose?

K - I didn't know about the big ones either. Maybe they'd be nice.

River - It's amazing how we grow and change.

Michael - I'm not sure about wanting it used on other parts of my body.

Mike - I think I'd prefer to wait till we got home and not shock the other shoppers at Colour Your World.