Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is This a Possibility?

While cleaning out a storage space recently, I came across a game called "Takraw" that we had both forgotten about. We'll probably never play it again, so I put it into the pile of things to go out for the next CP Pickup.
But I did take a quick peek inside the box. Besides a plastic ball there were two paddles or racquets made of rattan that look like the ones in the picture above. I pondered the spanking possibilities.
What do you think? Should we give them a try as implements before parting with them?


Greenwoman said...

Those look like an indoor lacross game....

*grins* Do you think they'll go the way of the shoe horn?

fanny said...

Those look very similar to the "carcass beater" (don't you hate that name?!) that we ordered from Cane-iac. Trust me Hermione, don't wait for the CP pick-up! Burn them immediately! Don't let Ron see them!

BTW really enjoy your blog. Always thoughtful and well written. A joy to read.

Paul said...

Hermione, why not, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
You will always wonder if you don't/
Warm hugs,

Michael said...

Give it a try, Hermione. As Paul says if you don't you'll always be wondering. If they don't work out you can always put them out for the next CP pickup.


Anonymous said...

You know you have to try it. Looks like it is not very strong though- who knows? I would like to exchange links with you if that's ok? Let me know. Enjoy your post.
I Gal

Em said...

They remind me of carpet beaters, so I'd say it's a definite possibility.

In my experience, carpet beaters aren't very strong (I've had more than one break during a spanking) but they hurt like the devil up until they fall apart.

Have fun and report back!

Indy said...

Paul's probably right, but make sure you try it the day before the rubbish guys come so that you can throw it out before Ron develops and attachment. OUCH!

Hermione said...

Greenwoman - They're fairly big. I think they're meant to be used outdoors. For the game, I mean!

fanny - Yes, carcass-beater is an ugly name. And thanks for the kudo.

Paul - I suppose I will wonder. Maybe I could consider it...

Michael - And there's a pickup on Monday. They could accidentally get stuffed into a bag and put on the lawn!

Italian Gal - I would be happy to exchange links with you. I've added you to the club.

Em - These look fairly durable.

Indy - They won't fit into our implement drawer, so Ron isn't likely to become attached to them, I hope!


Anonymous said...

Hermione, they do look like carcass beaters and I didn't like that name either! I use to own a carcass beater and it stung like the heck even if it was used right! Like Paul and Michael said if you don't try it then you will always be wondering. Of course by relooking at it these might be TOO big to be used on yours or anyone's bum! LOL! Please let's us know what you decide!

Tapestry said...

So, did you try them?
I personally don't like "stingy" things, preferring the deep thuds instead. So I doubt they'd appeal to me - but the point is, did you decide to try them and if so, did you like them?

Hermione said...

Pest and Tapestry - I thought they were a bit big and unwieldy, so I took a pass on them. I hope someone else is enjoying them now.