Monday, September 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

This is a story that I wrote for Fantasy Friday on PK's blog, New Beginnings. In case you missed it, I'll share it with you here. I hope you like it.
James and Paula loved their new house. Situated on a quiet street, it was exactly what they had been looking for. There was a large kitchen with an adjacent dining room, a family room, and rooms that would become an office and a guest bedroom. Behind the house was a huge yard that was edged with mature trees. Paula was looking forward to redecorating the living room to suit their taste.
But first they needed to replace the tattered, mismatched furniture that they had inherited from their parents and a long-departed roommate. It had been fine for the apartment but now it looked shabby and not at all in keeping with Paula's plans. It was time to go shopping.
Paula picked James up after work one rainy afternoon and the two set off to browse through a large furniture store situated in a strip mall on the edge of town. It was the dinner hour when they arrived, and that, combined with the rain, accounted for the few cars in the parking lot outside the store.
The couple walked through the large glass doors then stopped. Instead of a large open showroom, they saw signs overhead, pointing the way to appliances, bedrooms, and living room furniture. In front of them was a path of light maple laminate flooring that branched three ways. Each branch led to a warren of small rooms, each one a fully decorated room showcasing the furniture.
"I'm so excited," Paula exclaimed. "Let's follow the yellow brick road." She took James' hand and led him along the right-hand path towards the mock living rooms. They strolled past one room after another, commenting on the suitability of the contents of each, but not seeing anything they both liked. Then Paula stopped at a display done in shades of green and silver.
"I like that chair. It has an interesting shape."
"I don't know," countered James. "The arms look too low. Come here and bend over." He took Paula's arm and led her towards the arm of the chair. She looked around nervously, but James reassured her.
"No one can see us. The place is practically empty."
"Well, all right." Paula bent over one of the arms of the chair. James gave her a swat or two over her cotton skirt.
"No, that's too low," he decided.
"The arm is too hard," Paula added.
She stood up and they moved on to the next room. It featured a sofa, chair and ottoman all upholstered in a patterned burgundy fabric. Paula stroked the smooth, velvety surface of the chair.
"Mmm, soft."
"Try the back of the chair for height," instructed James.
Paula didn't hesitate this time. She bent over the softly padded back and took the swats James gave her. When he lifted her skirt and spanked harder, she squeaked, "Okay, stop, that's enough testing!"
"I need to be sure it's right for both of us. Now try the ottoman."
The ottoman was large, square, and soft, with four carved feet of dark wood. Paula giggled as she knelt in front of it and bent over.
"Look! I can hold its ankles!"
James leaned down, swatted her over her skirt, then lifted the skirt and gave her two more on her pink panties.
"I wish I'd thought to bring the cane. Oh, well, this will have to do." James pulled a metal tape measure out of his pocket, extended it, swished it through the air, then took aim, tapping it gently against Paula's bottom.
"Hmmm, I'm not sure." James muttered, then he swiftly hooked his thumb in the waistband of the panties and pulled them down around Paula's knees. "That's better. Now hold still."
Paula was about to protest when they heard footsteps and a child's voice.
"Mom, I wanna go home."
"Get up," James hissed. Paula scrambled to her feet while James moved away, grabbed a handful of fabric swatches lying on the coffee table and pretended to be very interested in them. Paula smoothed her skirt and looked nervously at the family peering through the entrance to the display room.
"No, I don't like the colour of that set," a young woman said to the man beside her. A small boy clung to the woman's hand and whined, "I'm bored. Can we go now?"
Paula realized that her panties were down around her knees. Please don't let them notice, she prayed silently.
"Let's just take a quick look at the rest of the rooms, then we'll go get something to eat," the man told his son. The trio moved on.
Paula tugged her panties up and exhaled. "That was close. Maybe we shouldn't..." But James was already back to business.
"Now we have to check the sofa for length." He sat down and patted his knee. Paula knew that signal. She obediently draped herself across his knees and settled herself along the length of the sofa. James lifted her skirt once more.
"Not on the bare, please! Someone else might see."
"Don't worry." James pulled her panties upward toward her waist, exposing her cheeks as he stretched the fabric. He spanked her slowly.
"This feels pretty good. What do you think, hon?"
"It hurts! Oh, you mean the couch. Yes, it's very comfor...OUCH!"
Paula heard the sound of more footsteps on the hard floor just in time.
"James, stop." Paula slithered off his lap and managed to pull herself upright mere seconds before a tall middle-aged man appeared and approached them.
"Hi folks. How're you making out?"
"Oh, fine," replied James. Paula smiled; she felt dizzy and didn't trust her voice.
"This is one of our most popular models. Have you tried it yet, Miss?"
"Come on, Paula, have a seat," James suggested with an evil grin.
"N-no, I'm fine. It's very nice," stammered Paula.
The salesman pointed out the two large pillows that were propped up at either end of the couch.
"These pillows are included free of charge in your choice of colour. The fabric swatches are here somewhere..."
James looked at his wife and grinned "Those would be just right for..."
"Casual seating on the floor," Paula cut him off.
"These items are all in our warehouse, and we can have them delivered in two days. We'll also pick up your old furniture and take it to Goodwill. No extra charge."
Paula and James exchanged glances. Paula nodded and James said, "Yes, I guess we've decided on this set."
"An excellent choice! I'll phone the warehouse then we can take care of the financial details. Follow me, please" and the salesman headed out of the room and down the yellow brick road.
James put his arm around Paula's waist, patted her bottom and whispered in her ear, "I hope you aren't too sore, sweetie. We need to say goodbye to all the old furniture before it goes."
Paula groaned.


Paul said...

Hermione, I read your story on New Beginnings, I enjoyed it then and I enjoyed it now!!!
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting it here as well. It was nice reading it again.
Can't wait to read more by you.


Anonymous said...


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Hermione said...

Paul - Thank you again for your kind words.

Jean - I'll do my best to come up with another story soon.

Shefy - Um, it's fiction.