Friday, September 5, 2008

Does He or Doesn't He?

I'm pretty certain that Ron doesn't read blogs, but every so often he does something that makes me wonder.
Take the other night, for example. We were in bed, getting ready to enjoy our favourite indoor activity and started with some kisses that gradually increased in passion and intensity. Ron's arms were around me, holding me close, then one hand drifted down to my bottom and started rubbing and caressing it. This is always a time of anticipation for me as I await the inevitable. I didn't have to wait long. The first swat always takes my breath away. Several more followed, then Ron released me and chose his implement for the evening - the maple paddle.
He flipped me over onto my tummy then straddled my legs so that he had easy access to my bare bottom and I couldn't escape. This was different. Ron usually trusts me to remain in position no matter what. Did this mean I was in for a harder than usual spanking?
The maple paddle has a nasty sting and the first few swats had me squealing and squirming and wishing it were over. Ron read the signals and eased up enough so that the sting felt pleasurable as he continued.
He paused to admire his handiwork and rubbed my reddened bottom for a while before resuming. He alternated between spanking and caressing, then slipped his fingers between my legs for some special attention. I waited, wondering if the spanking was over and we were moving on to other things, when I felt the crack of the paddle again while his fingers still worked their magic. What a surprise! What a combination! And yet, my first thought was "it's just the way she described it" followed by "has he been reading that blog too?"
All this speculation plus the novelty of the sensations managed to distract me so that I couldn't concentrate on achieving the desired result. But Ron knew that too and soon put down the paddle and put me into a more familiar position, to our mutual satisfaction.
No, I didn't ask where the new ideas came from. Some questions are better left unasked. But I hope we can try it again. Soon.


smith said...

Sounds quite lovely!

Paul said...

Hermione, we men are capable of coming up with the occasional new idea now and again, long before blogs came on the scene.
Warm hugs,

dwcmike said...

hermione: Mars and Venus.... we can come up with ideas on our own, and also have the smarts to look for ideas... but if you don't heap praise on his efforts, how will he ever really know that you enjoyed it...

Hermione said...

Barbie - Yes, it was.

Paul and Mike - I stand corrected. Yes, men are capable of coming up with brilliant ideas without help from the internet.


Bonnie said...


I didn't tell him anything!


Hermione said...

Bonnie - If you're ruled out, then the only answer is, he read my mind :-D


Anonymous said...

Ron could have been thinking about this for awhile as well, Hermione. Or he could have had help from the internet but like you said you wouldn't ask where the new ideas came from. Just let him know that you enjoyed it and would like to try it again. Fair enough? LOL! I am glad that you did enjoy your time together.