Saturday, October 25, 2008

Butt Bouncers

A few weeks ago, the brunch topic at My Bottom Smarts was about activities that intensified the ouch after a spanking was over. I left a response, but it wasn't until a few hours after my next spanking that I realized I had forgotten about something that really keeps my bottom feeling sore.
I was standing at the kitchen counter, fixing breakfast for the uncontrollable hooligans dogs, when they reminded me. Fluffy did something we call "butt bouncing". He launched himself into the air towards me, front legs outstretched and stiff, and his heavy paws landed squarely on my bottom. He bounced off, hit the ground, and repeated the attack a few more times. Ouch! I'm sure he left paw-shaped bruises on my poor behind.
Fang took a less athletic but still painful approach. He stood on his hind legs behind me and did what felt like the dog paddle on my posterior. Those hard claws really dug in! He only stopped when I held his food bowl out to him.
I may have to order take-out for them on those sore bottom mornings.
Fang is currently seriously ill and in hospital. Ron and I would both very much appreciate any good thoughts and vibes you could send his way for a speedy recovery.


Scunge said...

My dog Caper does the butt lean thing. Made it very hard not to react after Sir had given me a very hard spanking one day. (I live with my vanilla older parents they have NO idea that I am into this). Caper and I send Fang all of our good thoughts and wish a very speedy and happy recovery! (Caper is a mini-border collie)

smith said...

Best wishes for Fang. I lost two dogs recently and it is so hard. I am going to assume Fang will be happy and home soon!

Anonymous said...

My thought are with you and your your pup.
Mine actually wasn't the pup but the A sore bottom morning and we would be playing the tickle game and sure enough my bub would smack my but as hard as he could. lol omg it hurts!!

Best wishes


Paul said...

Hermione, I don't recall Mel ever complaining about our dogs, but then she liked reminders.
Your Fang is in our thoughts.
Warm hugs,

Spanky said...

I have a cat, so there is not a lot of pet butt bouncing going on in the Spanky household. But the cat does annoy me plenty in lots of other ways.

I hope Fang is feeling better soon.

Greenwoman said...

Sending you good thoughts Hermione. Blessing to you all!

Em said...

Get well soon Fang! My household is currently acclimating itself to a new canine member. It's amazing how quickly they worm their way into your hearts (though I think our cats might disagree!).

Hermione said...

Thank you all for the warm thoughts. Fang is now home again and is very cheerful and bright. He is now taking drugs for his condition and drugs for the side effects of the other drugs. Sigh!


Charlie said...

Glad to hear about Fang's recovery.

Hugs, Charlie