Monday, August 10, 2009


Ron is a fan of country and western music, and there are a few artists from days gone by that he's especially fond of. One of them is Conway Twitty. As Ron explains it, he sings "hurtin' songs" that all have strong sexual connotations. That sounds like a fine definition of the activity I like best - a combination of pain and pleasure.

The other might, Ron loaded one of his favourite cassette tapes into the player. (Yes, we still play cassettes and CDs. Our house is ipod-free.) The song that came on was one that always makes me laugh and think of spanking. After each line, there's a short repeated refrain. As we listened to Conway sing, Ron pointed to me when it was time for the refrain, and I eagerly joined in with "bum, bum, bum."

I told you it was a hurtin' song. Listen to it here, courtesy of Ron. And enjoy the wardrobe and hairstyles.

From Hermione's Heart


Paul said...

Hermione, nice song, I can see Ron's point, but then we like this genre as well.
Love and warm hugs,

pammie said...

I love these old clips!

"Forbidden places!" Oolala.

BTW, my scrambled word from Blogger was "butender". LOL


Scunge said...

OMG just what was his right hand hiding!? His pants were just a wee bit too tight! Says bum in a funny way as well,yup did sound like a spanking song as well. LOL!

dazygal said...

Thanks for sharing this clip with us!! I could not stop smiling and laughing at each "bum, bum, bum". Great!!


Master Retep said...

Nothing personal, but you remind me of the story told of a well known jazz session drummer here in Dublin who died, at a good age, a few years ago. On being admitted to hospital just before he passed away, he was asked if he was alergic to anything. After thinking for a few moments, he told the nurse with the clipboard "Only country & western music". This account was publicised during his subsequent funeral service.

ronnie said...

LOL, good one, thanks for sharing Hermione.


Mr. Shiny said...

Twitty is great. Thanks for sharing that.

Fabsterrant said...

Yup, great music. Had coffee and kicked back with a few nostalgic tunes. Been awhile, thanks for that Hermione I needed it. Bum bum bum was a good visual too.

Sincerely, fab

dwcmike said...

Letting your imagination roam, this could definitely (in parts) be a spanking! Well done. bum bum bum Placement of that right hand is....incredible... and why! thanks for the psoting

Hermione said...

Paul - I'm glad you liked it.

Pammie - Blogger has you figured out!

Scunge - Do you think he is a spanko?

Dazy - It makes me laugh too.

Master Retep - That's so funny. I can understand it, coming from a jazz musician. There was a humorous article in the paper recently about how starting to like jazz being one of the signs of old age.

Mr. Shiny - Another fan! What about his daughter, Kitty Twitty?

Fab - I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

Mike - Trust Ron to find a country singer who's a kindred spirit.

Ron really enjoyed the post as well as reading all your comments.