Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Now Available!

Spanko breadcrumbs are perfect for coating fish, chicken, and well-paddled bottoms. The light crunch you'll hear when you sit is an excellent reminder of your latest spanking.

You'll find them on your grocer's shelf, next to the licorice whips.

From Hermione's Heart


Katia said...

Where do you ever find such funny product pictures? I know coming to your blog in the morning will make me smile.


dwcmike said...

enough breadcrumbs daily will pad the bottom.

Greenwoman said...

You are so fun! *grins*

Spanky said...

As usual, I am impressed and awed by the pictures you find!


Daisychain said...

Hahahaha! I am less likely to be breadcrumbed than beaten or whipped!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mr. Shiny said...

That's great - you always find such cool stuff.
Now what I need to do is start stocking up on spanking-named products and see how long it takes visitors to notice when they visit. :)

Fabsterrant said...

Yes, no doubt each crumb is part of a bigger ordeal with a resultant exhaled groan and murmur, teasing the languished craven hunger, with a yearning to continue. Blissfully yours she claims.

LOL, Sincerely,fab

ronnie said...

Oh Hermione,where do you find them? Did you take the picture in the supermarket?

Very good, thanks.


PS - by the way we do have Reese bars but alas not Reese Whipps only peanut butter ones but did see some licorice whipps :)

Hermione said...

Thank you, everyone. I'll have to tell you my secret. I simply took the box of breadcrumbs out of the pantry, scanned it on our printer, then added the S with MS Paint.


ronnie said...

Oh Hermione, I would never have guessed. That's very creative.



Ann said...

Oddly enough, I was driving thru a small town in Manitoba today and saw a grocery store called "Panko's Market". This post was the first thing that went thru my mind. Thanks for that image Hermione!


Hermione said...

Ann - that was a great sighting. I hope you took a picture.