Friday, August 28, 2009

You Reinvented the Rule

There's a commercial on television at the moment that looks like a DD encounter to me.

A couple is sitting in a car. He's driving. She's eating cookies.

He: What happened to the no cookie rule?

She: These don't count.

He: So you reinvented the no cookie rule?

She: These are Dare Simple Pleasures. No trans fats, no cholesterol.

He: So you reinvented the rule.

She: No I didn't.

He: Yes you did.

She: No I didn't.

He: Yes you did.

He turns and gives her a look that clearly says "you're in for a spanking when we get home". Her expression changes. She looks worried and knows she's in trouble.

From Hermione's Heart


Measha said...

I think it's much more common then society would let us believe! I love to see commercials or ads like that one...where I see DD written all over it but someone 'vanilla' may see it in a totally different light...although this one seems self explanatory. LOL


Aeon's Angel said...

I absolutely LOVE this Panko Food Week. Reeses is by far my favorite!

Katia said...

That would be a funny commercial to see. Yes, thanks for all the 'spanko' suggested products you showed on here this week.

Hermione said...

Measha - I may have taken a bit of liberty with my interpretation, but it's so obvious to me, anyway.

T - Thank you. Have you had the Wipps? We only have PB cups and Reese's pieces here.

Katia - I love watching it over and over. I'm glad you liked the series.


PK said...

It sounds like a wonderful commercial! I think it would be obvious to any of us!


Daisychain said...

ahem.... ummm.... sounds like a very familiar scenario..... LOL, gave me goosebumps! As I read it, I "heard" Daveys voice ....
Hugs, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hermione said...

PK - I wonder if it will get changed if anyone complains about the DD flavour. That happens often with commercials here.

Daisy - Do you change the rules too? Naughty girl!

dwcmike said...

Seems like a wonderful rule... I can just see you daring Ron...