Monday, August 3, 2009

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch August 2

Spankos are a creative group of individuals. You came up with some wonderful ideas for a visual tribute to TTWD.

Anonymous -
A statue, I think. Larger than life, stone statue.

The statue is of a man sitting on a bench. He's tall, very athletic, with a defined (but not bulky) 12-pack and biceps. His face is ruggedly beautiful, but with ambiguous ethnic features; we don't want him to be of any particular race. His penis is erect, and quite impressive in terms of both size and perfect proportions, but its only visible from a certain angle because most of his lap is occupied by a woman.

Lying over his lap, legs on one side of the bench and upper body on the other, is a woman (since M/F seems to be the most common spanking pairing, that's what the statue should be of). Long hair flowing over her back and down along the sides. She's well-fleshed, voluptuous, with a thick (but not fat) waist, athletic arms and legs, and a face that begs to be kissed. The front of her body is raised slightly off the bench, so you can see her DD sized breasts with firmly erect nipples. Also, this woman's bottom is huge; like, girl-in-rap-music-video huge. Like the man, her features are raceless, though she's got to have the ghetto booty.

The man is holding her down at the lower back with one hand, while the other is raised with a paddle. He's looking down at his charge with an expression that's both stern and lustful. The woman's legs are kicking behind her (which flexes her enormous rear in an appealing way), and her face is turned slightly upward. Her eyelids are fluttering, and her mouth is open either in a scream of pain or a moan of ecstasy. While the statue should not be painted, it would be nice if we could use some darker stone for her butt, especially right at the sit spots, to show that she's already taken a lot of licks from the paddle (but he isn't anywhere near relenting). His penis is pushing hard against her lower waist, making it clear what's going to happen as soon as the spanking is done. Between the crook of her legs (its hard to see in there, but still carved in detail) her clitoris is clearly extended and her vaginal lips heavy with moisture.

As for placement; I could see it working in a grassy park near a fountain (especially if the water is dripping down the two figures. Mmm...). However, realistically, its explicit nature would probably confine it to an erotica museum of some kind. I guess putting it in the entrance hall of a sex museum would be kinda cool, especially if we can have an indoor fountain splashing on it.

Heartzlady - A statue in bronze and silver. He's seated, legs slightly open, the look of love on his face apparent as one fingertip brushes a tear from her cheek. She's kneeling before him, her bottom 'burnished' to a redish hue. Her hair is tossled and her back is straight. She's smiling up at him as he brushes the tear from on cheek and another rests on her lashes. The look of love in her face as she looks up into his face transends the bronze and makes it seem like something you can literally feel.

Greenwoman - Gee what a really fun question Hermione...and thanks by the way for standing in for Bonnie. *smiles* I'm glad you can give her a worry free moment away from her community projects on her blog now and then.

Hmmm...I think that I am creating this thing you speak of...though its not only focused on spanking. Its my blog. I guess that I figure that spanking is a holy part of life. *smiles* Along with all sorts of other activities, both kinky and mundane. Its the collection of art and music, the bringing together of people who comment on the topics I write about and also the attempt to write fearlessly about all sorts of things in my life...even about spanking and my frequent lack of it. *smiles*

But if I had to make a thing that's tangible and not about my blog at all...I think it would be a private would be the beautiful red bottom that I warmed during a quiet interlude with my submissive...something that can be created over and over again, much to our deep delight.

It's always my pleasure to give Bonnie a helping hand.

Jean Marie - The art would have to be a performance piece, my nude bottom over my lover's knee. The audience would watch my bottom warmed by my lover's hand, hear the smacks and my sighs, see the reddened flesh and my aroused sex... Spanking is too vital and alive to be conveyed in cold marble or flat paint.

D & S - Just three days ago (July 27), there was a photo on of a girl, skirt up, panties down to show one of the most gorgeously spankable bottoms we have ever seen; a cane rested on it, ready to make it smart. This could be the basis of a small statuette or figurine ( 12" or so high), cast in silver or bronze, available for sale to those who might like to display it on their mantelpiece, as an indication of their interests, or perhaps a trophy awarded for services or achievements in the spanko world.

Fabsterrant - Simply put, a mood inducer and signal to let the play begin. In short a red light bulb that casts a glow of mystique and daring. Shades drawn and melodious rhythm engulfing the passion of the participants in a lusty reddish hue.

Prefectdt - As the soil is my canvas and plants fill my palette, my spanking artwork would be a large stately garden.

It would have to be in a large city, for easy international access for spankos from across the globe. It would have to be on a large (baronial) scale. The entire area would be surrounded by a large embankment planted with woodland trees, as a way to keep outside noise pollution out and the sound of swoosh, crack, ouch in.

Inside the garden would be divided into outdoor rooms by high formal hedges, Vita Sackville-West style. Each room would have a theme such as naturally formed spanking benches from grassy banks, a folly in the form of a Greek temple with a sacrificial alter of pain and plenty of room for chanters, one with plants grafted into shapes that make them living breathing restraint devices, a room with a roman style plunge pool for wet spankings, the possibilities are endless. Also there would be bust, on columns, of iconic spankos, past and present, scattered throughout the entire garden, creating a spanko walk of fame.

The whole thing would be a celebration of outdoor spanking and a must visit at least once in a lifetime for every spanko in the world.

You did say no budget limit, didn't you?

I did indeed!

Sarah Jane -
I think mine would be quite simple. A copper or brass statue that would stand proudly in a town square or park and would need to be polished by town miscreants with a plaque giving the piece's title, artist, and unveiling date. Tourists would come to town and pose for photos with it, but the townspeople would know that they could be publicly flogged here for breaking simple laws.

The actual piece of art would be smooth and simple - think of those angels without faces - and would be an unclothed womanly figure bent over, touching her toes. She would stand next to a whipping post, and there would be flowers planted behind the two objects, but there would be plenty of flat ground around the front and sides for more practical uses.

Ronnie -
As money is no object. It would be a room dedicated to TTWD, rich erotic paintings hung around the walls, simple yet beautiful bronze statues in different spanking positions and all our favourite implements would be out on display Of course it would be a private room where only we could go :)

Saffron - Since I occasionally would be a painting...a LARGE painting of a woman bent over...skirt up, panties down and a man simply in silhouette administering the cane (oh I do so love the cane) and she would have a smile on her face for sure.

In fact...let me go and buy a canvas now!!!!

Where would it be displayed? Houses of parliament of course! grins

Hermione - I would create a giant wind chime, with an assortment of implements made from different colours of metal, dangling from an inverted heart. The implements will have been tuned so that when the wind blows, they gently tap one another and produce pleasant sounds. I would erect this sculpture in the busy downtown area where tourists are often found, so any spanko visitors would know they were welcome.

Thank you all for visiting. I'll see you next week at our usual brunch location at My Bottom Smarts.

From Hermione's Heart


Greenwoman said...

Oooh! Hermione, I liked your idea. Nice thought!

Spanky said...

+1 for Hermione's idea too!

Hermione said...

Aww, thank you! I admit I had a little extra time to think about it. But I was really impressed with everyone's responses. Spankos know how to think outside the box!