Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Perfectly Whipped

This candy bar is advertised on television as being "perfectly whipped".

That made me wonder. Is it the candy that's perfectly whipped? Or were the people responsible for its preparation perfectly whipped, so that no inaccuracies in measurement, or sloppiness in wrapping, would ever occur? Or was a perfect whipping their reward for inventing this lighter version of a peanut butter cup?

Lyrics used in the television commercial for this delicious treat are from the song Let it Whip by Dazz Band.

Ooh hoo!
So let it whip
Whip it, baby
Let's whip it right

Here's what appears on the screen.

Here's a link to the ad. It's short and sweet!

From Hermione's Heart


Meow said...

I wonder if they have any job openings! Some jobs have the best perks!! Meow

Fabsterrant said...

No doubt flogging was the reward for indulgence in getting past the wrapper. All the while loving to push up on the pillowy fluff and taste the scrumcious wanton teaser of ripple sweetness. So good it has to be bad.


The Headmaster said...

I wonder what it tastes like?

Michael said...

I first saw this candy bar in the stores last year and the name certainly caught my eye. I like to think that both the candy bar and the people were perfectly whipped. :)

Katia said...

It makes you wonder if there are spanko's in their advertising department. Thanks for the smile this morning.


Hermione said...

Meow - It sounds like a lovely place to work.

Fab - Flogging would be better than a raise in pay.

Headmaster - They're a light version of peanut butter and chocolate.

Michael - I haven't seen it yet. Perhaps it's only available in the States. I did see the commercial on TV once. I think I'd enjoy it. (The candy, I mean.)

Katia - I suspect there are.


Mrs M said...

Very funny commerical and slogan for a candy bar, but it worked as for some reason I have a strong craving for Reese's now! ;-)

Mrs M

ronnie said...

Very good Hermione, thanks for sharing. Now I've got to visit the nearest store and see if they have some :)



Hermione said...

Mrs. M - That's what advertising is all about!

Ronnie - It would be interesting to know if they are available in Britain.

dwcmike said...

subliminal, to say the least.

Davey said...

Reese's whipps are a wonderful creation. and yes the name makes the imagination do odd things while enjoying the delicious flavor...