Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whip it Again

This tasty combination of marshmallow centre, delicious cookie base and real chocolate coating has been pleasing kinky Canadians for over 75 years! Available in three flavours: original dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and strawberry.

From Hermione's Heart


Scunge said...

Much better name then Nabisco has for their version Mallomars,though Mallomars ONLY come in the dark chocolate variety,at least I think.

Julie said...

Now, these need to be available in Germany as well. :P I would definitely greatly enjoy them.

Fabsterrant said...

Home made ones around the campfire are great. The kids used to make'um with graham crackers, milk chcolate bars that are flat and toasted marshmellow. Ya sandwich the toasted gooey marshmello between the flat chocolate and the graham crackers. They never did anything wrong with those on the menu,lol. Of course getting any sleep was out of the question.


Hermione said...

Scunge - these are now available in German Chocolate flavour too - yummy!

Miss Jules - I'm sorry you can't buy them. You'll have to come to Canada for a visit.

Fab - Yes, S'mores are fun to make.


Davey said...

Hi Hermione,
Yes whippets are wonderful. I had them a long time ago. Once when I visited Canada and even further back when friends brought them to NY. I would love to try the Strawberry kind...Kind of a weakness of mine. LOL
Big hugs

Spanky said...

When I saw that picture I started singing inside my head, "Just whip it! Whip it good!"



ronnie said...

We have these cakes here in the UK Hermione, there called "chocolate teacakes", quite a boring name compared to whippets.


Hermione said...

Davey - I wonder if they'll ever come out with Maple flavour, being Canadian and all.

Spanky - Me too!

Ronnie - That name isn't very inspiring, but you can always think of them as whippets.


dwcmike said...

I have always loved whippets, until I read the ingredients...
Now, i just love the thoughts