Saturday, August 8, 2009

That Word

We were watching a new British show on the Food network the other evening, and between the unfamiliar accents and the poor sound quality, we were having a hard time keeping up with what was being said. In fact, Ron gave up entirely, and started chatting about a subject we had already discussed and put to bed. Or so I thought.

I nodded and answered politely but briefly while straining to understand what Jamie Oliver was telling his group of newbie chefs. After a while my replies became a little sarcastic when Ron just wouldn't take the hint.

"So do you agree with what I'm saying?"

"Yes sir."

"No, really, is that what you think too?"

"Yes sir."

"You wouldn't lie to me, would you?"

"No sir."

"You aren't just agreeing with me because you know that if you disagree, I won't punish you?"

What? Did he just use the P word? That's a word that is rarely used around here. He finally had my undivided attention.

"Do you mean that if I agree with you, you'll spank me?"


"Oh, then if I disagree with you, you'll spank me."


"Then how do I get a spanking?"

We didn't see the end of the program.

From Hermione's Heart


Angie said...

lol, not sure what I think is funnier, the conversation, or that members of the extended British empire had trouble with the accents...

Spanky said...

I love listening to women with British accents, myself.

Fabsterrant said...

Gosh Hermione you really have a way of making the best of a no win situation,lol.

Sincerely, fab

Sara said...

That P word sure does have it's advantages!

Bonnie said...


There's a fine art to asking without asking. Very nicely played! :D


Hermione said...

Angie - Believe me, there are many variations of English and Canadian accents that are beyond us.

Spanky - So do I. And men too.

Fab - I do my best.

Sara - Yes it does. It sure got my juices flowing!

Bonnie - I hope he doesn't figure out my strategy!


Scunge said...

Good one Hermione! See asking isn't so hard!

pammie said...

Hahaha... my Man and I were joking about this today-- after a morning spanking. He said those other women on the blogs get spanked when they need punishment, but *you* get a spanking for *our* enjoyment. What fun!

Daisychain said...

Hahaha, Hermione, Half of us english people have problems understanding Jamie, bless him!! He talks so fast, all his words run into each other, and he has the added disadvantage of a lisp. And while we are on that subject, what bright spark put an s in the word, lisp????
But, in Jamies case, don't worry. His recipes are usually easy enough to pick up, less is more as far as he is concerned.... and, he IS gorgeous, right???? LOLOL xxxxx

Hermione said...

Scunge - I actually thought he offered!

Pammie - Yes, it's great fun! Better than Sudoku any day?

Daisy - He is gorgeous, naked or otherwise.
Did you know that on Valentine's Day he cooked a meal for his wife Jules 'au naturel' and while grilling, burned his manly bits? That called for some creative first aid.


Mrs M said...

Very funny conversation, and what an enjoyable show that ended up being ;-)!

At least you answer, most of the time when I'm not paying attention to what my hubby is saying I'll just give a little smile and say "uh huh" lol!


*Grins* that was fun to read.

Those Canadian accents from the isolated communities in the north of Canada can be very pleasant to listen to but a bit hard to understand sometimes.


ronnie said...

Very well done Hermione.

Jamie is lovely, one of the better celeb cooks and it's so easy to follow his recipes.



Hermione said...

Mrs. M - Since mine is a man of few words, I seldom ignore him when he finds something to say.

Prefectdt - It's not just in the remote regions. There's an area about 2 hours' drive from me, where the residents all have a distinctive accent. Then there are unique vocabularies in different areas too.

Ronnie - I loved his earlier programs, and bought one of his cookbooks. But each recipe called for hot, spicy peppers and we don't care for them. His on-air recipes are better.


Mina said...

I have very little difficulty understanding most UK accents except the Welsh which I find particularly strong.

Love how you got a spanking...attagirl.


dwcmike said...

I disagree with Bonnie: you definitely crossed the line to be spanked... way over the line... hope you both enjoyed it.