Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our National Paddle

In my Canada Day post I displayed an assortment of dishes that are uniquely Canadian, but as a reader pointed out, I omitted one treat that is synonymous with Canada - the beavertail.

This yummy delight comes in two forms. The first is a delicious, sweet pastry, similar to a yeast doughnut, deep-fried and topped with sugar.

When President Obama visited Canada recently, he went in search of this delicacy, and to his delight, was able to sample the American version - an Obamatail.

The second and less common form is the actual tail of Canada's officia
l animal, simmered till tender, then peeled and eaten. (Sorry, no photo available.)

Why all this talk about beavertails? Look at the shape of the tail below. Isn't it a perfect spanking implement, minus the attached rodent?

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I own a beavertail and it is one of my favorite implements. You can see it her:
Best Regards-

Widgets said...

One could have a lot of fun with a beaver tail. Imagine going: tail to tail. The bakery kind is too messy.

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

I've often thought that a real beaver tail would make a novel paddle indeed. Does anyone know whether such a thing has ever been made and tried?

The thing Burl refers to seems to be a beavertail in name only. Or it actually made from a beavertail.

The shape of the beaver tail and the sound it makes splatting down on the water all argue for a spanking tool that needs only the addition of a handle of some sort, once it's detached from the beaver.

This would be something truly Canadian in the spanko world -- though of course beavers are found in other countries as well. But in Canada, the beaver has the status of a national symbol!

Anonymous said...

Your top picture looks like a squished version of a Elphant Ear. Which are also a deep fried pastry topped with cinnamon and sugar. Sometimes fruit topping. They are rather popular here [US} at fares and festivals.

Spanky said...

Interesting post! I definitely think "minus the attached rodent" is the most interesting phrase I've come across in a spanking blog in recent memory. Great job, as usual!

Fabsterrant said...

LOL, Widgets ideal of tail on a tail is the fit for immediate application. Could possibly be mounted next to the deer head trophy if one is so inclined.

Sincerely, fab

ronnie said...

I never realised their tails were shaped like that. Thanks for sharing.

I've eaten quite a few different things on my travels but don't think I could try a beaver tail.

Now the pastry, more to my taste. Very yummy sounding.

Have a good weekend.


Hermione said...

Burl - That looks like a very effective implement.

Rachel - Tail to tail - that's funny. I agree, there's too much powdered sugar involved with the pastry kind.

Karl - Readers from other countries may not know that beavers were responsible for the very existence of Canada. The quest for beaver pelts led European explorers to the northern parts of the New World.

Anonymous - I've heard of elephant ears, and I admit they're very similar. Probably just as tasty too.

Spanky - Thank you.

Fab - Now the image of deer antlers comes to mind. An implement possibility?

Ronnie - I haven't tried either, but I think the pastry would win, hands down!

You have a great weekend too.


Sara said...

Oooh, the pastry looks amazing. In my region we have "funnel cakes" at fairs, and my mother-in law makes "pizza fritte". They're all versions of fried dough with sugar...a million calories and worth every one!

Mr.C. said...

I can't help but think that spanking with the rodent attached would be better. More challenging for the HoH. Better still why not train the rodent? Travis....go spank. Sounds good to me.

Hermione said...

Sara - A rose by any other name...
I like the sound of pizza fritte - must look it up.

Mr. C - that sounds like a great idea. Where can I find a 'beaver whisperer'?

Mina said...

I've heard of this beaver tail pastry but didn't realise it had real beaver tail in it. And people think Australians are barbaric eating our national animal the Kangaroo.


dwcmike said...

I thought the traditional eastern favorite was the double double, but probably an equal amount of calories.

Hermione said...

Mina - The beaver tail pastry doesn't have beaver in it. The real cooked tail is a different thing altogether.

Mike - the double double washes down the pastry quite nicely!