Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not your average grandma

Introducing the latest addition to our arsenal of bottom warmers.

It says it's "Grandma's paddle", but I can think of a few grandmothers - including yours truly - who would need something stronger than this applied to their bottoms. The lace-trimmed puffy heart would only tickle!

Speaking of grandmothers, click here to watch a frisky granny as she prepares her buns with plenty of naughty innuendos. Sticky buns, that is, or as she calls them, "man catchers."

From Hermione's Heart


Susie said...

Oh I like that paddle...and I hate paddles. Maybe I could just sew up some of these hearts and insert them over top of my husband's paddles. Ya think he'd be okay with that?

abby said...

Cute paddle...but, I agree pretty ineffective! abby

sara said...

Yep, this grandma wannabe wouldn't be impressed by THAT!

Dee said...

I was actually looking more at the handle lol! Is that wood........?? :)

ronnie said...

Very ineffective but rather nice. I wonder what it would have been used for.


Hermione said...

Susie - Sure, he wouldn't mind a bit.... NOT!

Abby - Noe even worth testing. It's just a conversation piece.

Sara - Some grandmas might be, but then again...

Dee - Yes, it is indeed wood, so maybe it's not a lost cause after all.

Ronnie - I think it's meant to be a wall decoration to show that at Grandma's house, there's no discipline and the grandkids can run wild.


Anonymous said...

The wooden handle even looks flimsy. Love the picture of the kinky grandma.

Anonymous said...

Cute video! Might have to try those "man catchers!"


Lea said...

It has a dual purpose, for the spanking and then for a cushion to sit on afterwards!

Hermione said...

Red - Yes, it's too light to be effective. The kinky grandma picture is more like it!

Sky - Even though it turned out to be a commercial, it was cute.

Lea - Spot on!