Wednesday, November 23, 2011

They Don't Mind

Last month a brunch discussion on Bonnie's blog dealt with how the animals in our homes react to spanking. Ron rarely spanks me in front of our dogs. Fang needs close supervision and Fluffy is frightened by loud noises. Both are safely shut away before a spanking begins, and we confine our activities to the bedroom with the door closed.

The other evening while we were watching television, I got up from my place on the couch beside Ron. I immediately felt a firm swat on my bottom. I paused, leaned forward slightly, and the smack was repeated on the other side. I winced but held my position as a flurry of short, sharp slaps landed on my backside. When it was over, I rubbed my bottom as I turned around and looked at the dogs. They were both curled up, fast asleep, one at either end of the couch.

"Look," I said. "They didn't even notice."

"They're used to it now," Ron agreed.

Maybe our furbabies have finally come to terms with their parents' kink, and we can explore spanking opportunities with more spontaneity. I wonder what they'll do when they hear the loud wooden paddles close up.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Our dogs use to be bothered by the noise of my wife spanking me. They would run out of the room anytime she brought out a paddle or hairbrush. However, after a few years of DD bless they don't care, they just lay on their beds while she spanks me, they don't even look up anymore. I guess I get into so much trouble and receive so many spankings that it's just a normal part of live for them now.


Mikki said...

So you don't have a much different situation than those of us with small children!! *giggling*

PK said...

One of our cats is terrified and runs at the first sound. The other has actually crawled up on my back as I'm over the bed to get the best view. Weird cat!


Simon said...

A long time ago I had a Mistress who had a cat. It never seemed to worry about the noise and would watch as she dealt with me. Once I was tied flat out on my front,naked and the cat climbed onto my back and made itself comfortable. I was desperate not to move as I could imagine it sticking its claws into my already sore bottom. I would therefore advise shutting the door if your play includes any form of bondage.

ronnie said...

LOL. Maybe they are used to your kink now but I doubt it. I'd be interested to know how they react next time Ron decides to spank you.


spankedbywife said...

Oh how we love our pets (3 Springer Spaniels and a cat). And its always interesting to see their reaction(s). Our dogs seem to want in on the action (I think they want to share in the attention). Sometimes we just have to kennel them before I get a spanking from my Lady.

Great post and its interesting to hear from others who have pets, too.


When they start bringing fresh toys for Ron, when you're playing, then you will know they are truly acclimatised :)


Hermione said...

VBB - Dogs love routines, and isn't it nice they finally adjusted to your kinky ones.

Mikki - No, except they won't tell anyone at school what they saw.

PK - Kinky kitty!

Simon - I can picture that cat - not declawed, of course - flexing its paws while settling in. I'll take your advice.

Ronnie - The one who's afraid of loud noises isn't likely to change, so maybe we can try with some silent implements.

Ken - Three springers would be a lot to contend with. Good thing they don't mind being kenneled. That's a good habit.

Prefectdt - LOL! They aren't retrievers, so no worries there. They are very possessive about their toys and don't like to share either. But I love the mental image of bringing Ron a stick.


Beth said...

My dog doesn't like it when other people touch me or my immediate family. She tries to wedge herself between us. However, she HATES it when anybody yells. If people are arguing or even if someone reacts to a game on TV, she slowly slinks away. You don't even notice she's gone because she's so stealthy about it. My dog has never seen me spanked, so I don't know which thing she'd do: try to save me or abandon me.

Anonymous said...

Glad the dogs are adapting. anywhere anytime in the house is always fun...

Lea said...

My dog is afraid of loud noises. I tried to crack a chocolate orange open on the table tonight and he ran and hid. Lol.

Hermione said...

Beth - With your dog, it's a toss up. Either way, probably best not to stress her by experimenting.

Red - They can probably get used to anything in time, I hope. It would be fun to expand our horizons.

Lea - I'd forgotten that 'tis the season for chocolate oranges. Yum! Mine would react the same way.