Sunday, November 27, 2011

You Completed the Caption

The weather outside is frightful, but the end result is so delightful, according to my readers.

Simon: As usual Hermione had packed completely the wrong clothes for her holiday.
Hermione had a cold bottom at the moment but she knew it would be warmed up for her later.

James: What a way to cool off a HOT bottom!

Duality: All the smart spankos know a cold bottom makes for a more tingly spanking.

Dark Knight Fair Lady: I love it, but that wasn't what I meant when I said you should chill out.

Six of the best: "To ride the slide, push the tush."

Bonnie: "Gladys sought relief for her burning posterior in a most unconventional fashion."

Vfrat25000: Apparently Tonya had not fully considered all the consequences of her plan to slide down the ice mountain without a sled. After spending three days lying on her stomach nursing her sore bottom, she came to the conclusion that maybe there was a very good reason most people used a sled.

Eddie Bauer’s new “Ice Sledding Shorts” never seemed to meet sales projections and were quickly discontinued.

Fitness Guru Michelle “No Pain No Gain” Anderson found out teaching Zumba Dancing on the side of Old Frosty Mountain was not one of her best ideas.

Barbie “Cookie” Peterson, the California Exchange student in Norway, never quite seemed to grasp the concept that “Norwegian Mountains Make for Lousy Surfing.”

Stay tuned for scenes from the new movie: “Gidget goes to the Antarctic.”

In a desperate attempt to boost ratings, the ladies from the “View” took their show to “Billy Bob’s Hill of Ice and All You can Drink Margarita Fountain.” Barbara Walters was the first to try the Free Fall Slide after which the rest of the Stars and crew decided that maybe that “Tex’s Bull Riding School and Rodeo Clown College” might be safer.

Red: Another wonderful day at SPANKERS HAVEN... where you can cool your bottom between spankings.

Ronnie: "I much prefer a hot bottom than a cold one."

Sunnygirl: One way to cool down toasted buns.

Sweetpea: Ron is going to have to wear his gloves when he gives Hermione her spanking this afternoon.

Dave: Owie! Dang snow! My butt stings and I haven't even been spanked yet! *pout*

M: "I wonder if a frost bitten bum feels the same as a well-spanked one. It might be a good substitute when Ron is away."

Daisychain: If I sit here a few more seconds, the snow will melt... but it is sure doing the trick of cooling my bottom!

Spankedhortic II: Janet soon found out how Brokebottom mountain got its name.

Hermione: These silly shoes always make me go flop bott!

Well, that raised the temperature a few degrees. Thanks for playing, and do come back next week for another stimulating photo in need of a caption. 

From Hermione's Heart


Christina said...

I'm a little behind on reading blogs and leaving comments but this is funny! I love your "complete the caption" posts and while I may not always post an answer, I read then all and laugh at many at them. Thank you!

spankedbywife said...

Love the caption thing.

You certainly have many very clever followers. But then you are very clever, yourself.


Hermione said...

Christina - I'm very pleased that you like the feature. It's a bit of fun for the weekend. Please feel free to contribute when you can.

Ken - I am always amazed at the creativity of my readers. I sometimes have to struggle to come up with my own caption.